Please I accept jare! Maje,you have chosen the right path to apologise…publicly for that matter.

People need to understand that marriages will always have their ups and downs. There’s nothing peculiar about Toke and Maje’s marital problems,abeg! Toke is a celebrity, therefore any gist about her will be made sensational.

I will keep saying this,marriage is not for the weak…it’s for the strong. All Toke needs to do is accept Maje’s apology, then she can do whatever she likes with it. In other words, she can shout,scold or scream at him. Afterwards,bring him home and then ‘flog’ him.

As much as everyone keeps saying that there is no excuse for infidelity, I beg to differ. There is always a reason behind every action…even though the reason may not be as concrete as you expect…it’s still a reason.

Toke,permit me to scold you small. Men are like babies and so like to get all the attention and care. It’s time you stepped back from being in the spotlight and concentrate more in your marriage. Yeah, hustling is a bitch, especially now that you are trying to build your brand, it can make you lose focus. For the first 5 years, it can be quite a struggle to keep one’s marriage. Happy marriages don’t just happen, they are earned through prayer and hardwork.

Anyways, all in all, accept Maje’s apology. Run away from friends who advice you to leave your husband… Check it, they too are not happy. Just so you know, there are no saints out there. Saints are in heaven. This is earth. You can only be crowned victorious when you work at your marriage, so that you can help other women in similar situations.

Maje, smart guy, you just had to use a very fine picture of Toke(she vain like that).



I just finished listening to a friend who came to me to ‘cry’ out his eyes. Thankfully, he doesn’t read my blog!

He’s never been lucky with relationships. The women just keep leaving him! He’s presently going through a fifth break-up in less than 2 years.

This my friend really doesn’t deserve all these heartbreaks. But if truth be told, like said to him… He’s too nice for my liking. He can’t hurt a fly… Which isn’t cool. He should have killed like over 20 flies by now… Try asking some of my ‘evil’ male friends, or even my brothers.

I’ve told him that most good girls like bad boys, and vice versa. He should try ruffling his hair and wearing creased shirts! *hehehe*

Guys, if you are reading this post, and you are in a similar situation, heed my advice… Stop being too nice. Girls are disgusted with guys who have a problem saying “No”, who rush to their side everytime they cry ‘wolf’, who cry them a river when their girlfriends are in pain.

Even me I tire for the niceness. Sometimes, their girlfriends deliberately look for trouble, just so that they can spice up the relationship, but these guys just don’t get it, they start apologising or looking for ways to pacify them!

I’m not saying that you should be evil or wicked… Just be yourself. Na… What if your real self is being “Mr Nice Guy”…Uugh!

Okay, I got it… Mr Nice Guy, please look for a Miss Bad Girl! It’s more exciting!



Things are really happening. One really shouldn’t be judging a book by it’s cover.

You know, when news broke out that one Prosecutor, Alberto Nisman, who was investigating the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires, I thought it was weird, the manner in which he died.

Now my thoughts have somewhat been confirmed. Apparently, the prosecutor had drafted a warrant that accused Christina Fernandez of trying to shield Iranian officials from the responsibility in the bombing.

Besides, the prosecutor died a day before he was due to appear in Congress to present his claims that Fernandez conspired to derail his investigation.

So if we decide to do a quick maths…what are you thinking?! Or what do you think?!


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How do you forgive a spouse who constantly cheats on you?

Each time you catch him, he apologizes with all his life…

But you see, what hurts the most is not even the fact that he was caught cheating (you are already numb to that), but the fact that you had to sacrifice everything and everyone you love, just to be with him. How you turned deaf ears to all the warnings from people you grew up trusting, about things you are blind to see in a man whom you have decided to spend the rest of your life with, no matter the outcome.

Maybe I could try forgiving the cheating part, but how do I forgive a man I sacrificed my future for. We agreed that I would remain at home to take care of the kids and the home front. So I gave up doing my Masters’ program, as well as getting a job…for 10 good years, my life has been f#$@ing on hold, just to please the one person I decided to spend my whole life with!

I feel nothing. I feel nothing but hatred, resentment, fury. Am I losing my mind? Maybe I deserve what I am getting? But does anyone deserve to be hurt just because they chose to love? Am I with the right person? Or maybe it’s one of my stupid mistakes?…

Oh,Lord…speak to me. I need to understand. How do I forgive, when my husband chooses to cheat on me with my best friend?! A friend whom I turn to when I am down and out. A friend who is supposed to be next to God! Would it have been better if he had cheated on me with my sister? Or is he? …Dunno what to think anymore! Dunno who to trust again.

Sad thing is that I just don’t trust that the next guy won’t do the same. Am I considering divorce? Should I? Would I be considered foolish if I left? Or would I be considered brave if I stayed to fight to keep my home? Is this what marriage is about, to constantly fight for your peace of mind? If I had known this, I probably wouldn’t have ventured into it.

I have decided to work on myself…that is the only way I can find some sanity. It has to be something I am not doing right. No woman should give up everything for the sake of love. Love, hmm…a very subjective feeling. I will not give up on love…No, I won’t. Love shouldn’t hurt but my husband has hurt me very deeply. I bet he is sorry that I caught him and not sorry that he keeps cheating on me.

I will forgive him for that is the only way I can move on with my life. But it can never be the same…or can it? I have resolved to take care of me henceforth.