I like the idea, please don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I can’t help thinking, “what’s the point?!”

What’s the point of a renewal if situation still remains status quo? What’s the point if the man you are married still beats you black and blue? What’s the point if the man is still not financially responsible to the family?

The only renewal I’m thinking one should take is a vow to be a better spouse, not for a spouse to renew the vow to continue tolerating all forms of abuse.

So guys, what do you think? Is there any point in  doing a renewal? And if you there should be, when should it be done?… 5, 10, 15 or more years.

Okay, I’m thinking if it must be done at all, then it should be from 30 years and above. A renewal will definitely be a certificate that proves you survived ‘Tsunamis’ in the marriage! *hehehe*



Congrats to Betty and Soni Irabor on their 33rd wedding anniversary.

You may wonder why I am publishing this. Apart from congratulating them because of their huge contribution to the media industry, Genevieve Magazine and media broadcasting respectively, the fact that they have ‘managed’ to live together, under the same room, for 33 years…simply wows me! I’ve only been married for 12 years, and I know how my hubby drives me bunkers and them sometimes, you can’t help but ask quietly, “You mean I’m going to spend the rest of my life with this guy?!” But anyway, it only gets better.

So a big hearty cheers to Betty and Soni. I hope one of these days, I’ll get to interview them, so that they can let us in on the secret of a lengthy blissful marriage.



I dunno but I’m sort of having mixed feelings about this union of Frank and Sandra. Please, don’t get me wrong, I wish them a happy married life…but…

You see, I hate ‘but’ in any statement. I just feel that before any woman decides to fall hook, line and sinker, in a relationship, or more precisely to a ‘second hand husband’, she should do her own investigations, especially from the previous wife! You do not need to believe everything she says, but take something from your conversation and match it with your own observations. I tell you, a scorned wife will definitely spill! So its better to get the gist from her while she’s still hurt or healing.

I dunno about you, but I love learning from other people’s experiences. So are you saying that if you hear that the guy you are dating has a history of domestic violence and ‘stinginess’, you won’t want to clarify the allegations?


Anyway, lemme stop being a sour grape and wish them well! Frank and Sandra, I wish you guys all the best…truly. 


Photo credit: Gistus

Kai! See me laughing in chinese!

Anyway, what can I possibly do except to help my girls who are single and searching find a boy man!

This is what Denrele tweeted this Saturday…

“How many weddings will I continue to attend this year sef? Heading out to 3 weddings today! I get the message already, Time for me to go marry!”

So who wants to be the lucky woman?! I will be your pastor, don’t fear!


I know this is coming a bit late but I just couldn’t help but share it…the pictures speak volumes of the love shared between these two, Solange Knowles, 28, and Alan Ferguson, 51!

I love the simplicity of the whole ceremony…

All About Us

Solange and husband, Alan Ferguson

Sweet and Chic

Bride and groom pose for her official wedding portraits

White Hot

Family Portrait

Bride Style

This is the adorably chich bicycle stunning bride Solange used to arrive in style to her wedding ceremony.

Hey Janelle!

Singer, friend of the bride and fellow fashionista Janelle Monae

Away They Go!

I just love this couple!

Bey and Jey In the Building!

Bey and Jayz

Let’s Party

Couple with family and friends

Hot Pants

It was a jumpsuit agenda for the entire weekend! This asymetrical organza one-legged number by Stephane Rolland was her look of choice for rehearsal dinner.

Photo credits: ESSENCE