Good morning peeps!

It feels really good to be back.  I’m finally ready to narrate my experience with my last supposed fantastic maid. Wow! That experience kinda left me moderately traumatized, so much so that when I hear the word ‘maid’, I squirm! Lol!

I’m so glad to be back from my exhilarating vacation, save for the “No water – no electricity – no fuel” situation! Really?! *Nigeria should be arrested*

It still beats me black and blue how leaders of this great nation can be comfortable with the present state of the country! *Seems to me like a bad case ‘fecal incontinence’ *… In which case,  Nigeria can’t control its bulls&#t.

Meanwhile I’ve seriously been thinking of a theme for my write ups of today but couldn’t come up with any :-(… So I’m just gonna go with the flu of everything that inspires me to connect with you guys. 🙂

Do have an awesome day ahead.



stressed me 2Good day Peeps!

I really meant to send this greeting much earlier…actually since morning.

It feels good to be back. You won’t believe it but I have been through so much in the past few weeks. God being God, I came out unscathed! Stressors ranging from demands of motherhood, ‘wiferyhood’ to the strain and drain of searching for a competent housekeeper. Just when I thought I had found the ‘ultimate’ maid, she started ‘manifesting’ into something else…but let me save the full gist for another day and just re-bond.

Presently, I’m on a much needed vacation with my kids…Yeah, with my kids! You heard right, lol! Not to worry, I know what you are thinking, that I might not get my deserved holiday…well, you are wrong dearies! I sure will. If you noticed, I did not mention anything about hubby coming on vacation with me…yet! My point exactly…Lol! Husbands are actually the real stressors, the major big babies…feeding them with fresh meals (no excuses), clothng them, basically being at their beck and call! And the part I hate most is the cooking …Choi! Cooking everyday! Why can’t they like do alternate days of eating out? Why?!…And I miss him O (and his money)!

I think part of what affected me is what you could refer to as ‘Writer’s fatigue’, otherwise known as ‘Writer’s block”. But I wouldn’t actually say I had writer’s block, I had so much to write about…but all I needed was a ‘formula’ to help move my fingers. I need to give a shout out to all the social media platforms that kept reminding me that my fans were waiting to hear from you.

On a final note, today is my daughter’s 10th birthday. Being 10 is not easy, I tell you. Apparently, ‘Oyibo’ peeps don’t know how to celebrate the big 1-0, so we’re gonna have to wait till we get to Nigeria to throw that parry…that way, we’ll show them how it’s done! *Hehehe*

One more thing…if you guys are receiving this post late, forgive me for not being in tune with the time zone! #TimeZoneDifference

Stay blessed as always.


wpid-wp-1417621098521.jpegAll those times it seemed like I had abandoned you guys, I was on a major break from the hustle and bustle of Lagos life.


A visit to one of my awesome friends…missed her loads!


If you live in Lagos, you are constantly on ‘Play’ mode, no ‘Pause’ button for you. For the first time in our 11years of being married, my hussy decided it was time for us to rekindle…on one condition! On the condition that we do not include shopping. How would that be possible?! Who travels without shopping?! He claimed that that would kill the essence of the holiday…to rest. Yes, I must admit, shopping is stressful or can be, especially when you have to include people on the list. Oh! well, I just had to admit and accept the offer…sebi I na me nah! *wink*


Some times, these our husbands are soo sweet, other times, you think you may have married a demon! I felt like a princess on this trip…getting up whenever I so desired, having meals at the snap of my fingers…I just wished it would never end.


Me and my coz! Love her to bits! My dream is to fatten her up!


Gosh! Almost got drowned in food…this is not even half of it!


Just fooling around!


Me with my awesome sister inlaw. Had to make that cold trip to Sunderland!


Gifts from Gerald and Jemu


I must be dreaming right?!


My sister inlaw just hates it…says it looks like an ‘Nna’ cap!

Other things happened, that is best left unpublished. I don’t want to be the cause of someone’s blindness!











OK guys, just because I’ll be having a good time doesn’t mean I won’t keep you guys updated…on whatever!

Can you believe guys, that this is the first real vacation I’ll be spending with my hussy after 11years of tying the knot. Somehow, this guy has always managed not travelling with me…like postponing the inevitable which is spending his money! So what he does is to make me go with the kids *eyes rolling* …like that’s a holiday! That’s more like extension of motherly duties.


Me and my honeypot!

I had concluded that the next trip was going to be with him…nope, that’s not exactly true…he asked me actually, not particularly in a romantic way though.

Finally, I get to be served and pampered and not the other way round!

A holiday away from COOKING (how I hate cooking!)

A holiday away from my awesome kids (they are quite a handful).

A holiday away from work (I hate having to get up so early in the morning…can be quite a drag).

A holiday away from hustling!…

Please don’t ask which country we are travelling to…it doesn’t matter as long as it’s any where away from my usual.

I’m presently at the airport wishing that some people #immigration #checkpoint would learn to carry out their duties with integrity, like #notaskingforsmallchange everytime or any time.

Talk to you guys shortly…let’s move to other sections.