Happy new month peeps. 
Like I’ve mentioned many times before on this blog, I simply love new months…new everything *lol! 

I know loads of peeps who worry about tomorrow… Naaa, no need. That’s basically doing God’s work, which is to provide no only today’s ‘bread’, but tomorrow’s and the next. 

Can you try and practice each day as it comes? Can you try and trust God with your ‘tomorrow’? Let Him worry about tomorrow’s uncertainties. I feel it’s only people who doubt God, (even though they claim to love Him more than anything)that worry the most… yeah, right! 

I know, it’s normal to have fears about the future especially based on our accomplishments. But have you thought for once that you may be the one retarding your ‘growth’, by allowing your fears eat deep into you… So much so that it paralyses every aspect of your life, spiritually, physically and mentally. 

Just simply take a breather. Relax, God has your back. I mean it, He truly has your back. He’s aware of your problems and He needs you to trust Him in dealing with these problems that don’t seem to go away! 

I’ve learnt (in harsh ways I dare to say) to trust God. Just being simple in your way of life is key. Life and living life isn’t as complicated as we see it. The minute you detect that your thoughts or your fears are affecting your sleep, blood pressure, sugar level or your life style, it’s time to BACK OFF! Let God take the wheel. 

Before I go on and on… Happy New Month again and again and again…