Photo credit: Core Motion Pilates

Believe it as it may, SEX is GOOD! :-)…as in really GOOD!

This article is particularly for all those ‘frigid’ wives in the house, who deny their husbands a healthy amount of sex!

According to WebMD, Sex allows you the following benefits:

  • Immune Booster. In other words, sex increases all the ‘soldiers’ of the body that help to fight against diseases.
  • Increases your libido.
  • Helps improve women’s bladder control by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Helps lower blood pressure. (Before nko?! )
  • Counts as a form of exercise.
  • Lowers the possibility of having a heart attack.
  • Helps reduce pain in any part of your body. (Why won’t it…pleasure is used to replace the pain)
  • Reduces chances of prostate cancer from series of ejaculation. ( I am sure the men are excited about this!)
  • One is assured of a sound sleep.
  • Helps reduce stress drastically