I know most of you will agree with me that it’s not easy putting together what to wear to the office. If truth be told, sometimes I feel like ditching work simply because “I can’t find anything to wear”… Meanwhile the wardrobe is full of clothes!


i love the simplicity of this outfit…the shoes though!


This is most definitely me! Chic and classy!


I’ve never really been a lover of floral prints, but this combo ain’t bad at all!


Nice, simple and safe.


This is actually for those who like to be daring. I’ve never really known how to use shoes like this.


Didn’t know pink could look this good for work…at least this combo!


What can I say?…I just love you!


Need I say more?!


Lawyers…over to you! I’ve just sold an idea to you


this is obviously a style I can go with anytime



IMG_3655.jpg     IMG_6532.jpg  IMG_5513.jpg  IMG_5625.jpg

Enough pics already!…I could go on and on. Point is, I could ‘die’ for these shoes!

These are Classic Kilim Loafers (Yes, by Artemis Design Co.). You know, I’m not usually a shoe-freak but these ones will definitely freak you!

They are not only classy, comfy and could match any outfit you desire (apart from Iro and Buba!), they are so summer-ready!

You can wear them with your cropped Denim pants, summer dress, just about anything. Ehm…they are a teeny weeny bit pricey though…but not to worry, if you are like me, the ‘numbers’ shouldn’t matter that much!

Just run and get yours, it’s been sold out like crazy. I’m hopeful, that whoever is reading this will get me a pair. Size 41…Thanks for asking. #JustThinkingOutLoud



XCLUSIVE CHILDREN’S PLACE just opened at  No. 40, Akerele Street, Surulere, Lagos

For all your kiddies needs, no matter the age or size, at very affordable prizes!

It’s a one-stop shop for kiddies’:
– Shoes
– Clothes
– Toys
– Back to School stuffs
– Walkers
– Costumes…and lots more!

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For Further Enquiries, Call:

08023171861  or  07055001866