And trust Nigerian parents to add salt to the injury.

The incidence happened in Abia state. The victim, a 15 year old JSS 3 girl, who just finished writing her junior WAEC exams. On her way back from her married sister’s house, 3 boys,who had been making advances at her dragged her into bush and took turns in abusing her.

Instead of her mother to handle her daughter and the situation with utmost care, she started blaming her for being raped and even started stigmatising her.

The traumatised Girl, not knowing what to do and where to go, plus fear of possibly getting pregnant, hung herself on a guava tree(an orange tree wouldn’t have made a difference… Mscheew).

*I don’t understand why some mothers do that, blame their daughters for being sexually molested or raped… Well, that’s part of being female in Nigeria. Even if their fathers raped them, the daughters will still be punished or blamed. SMH!

Meanwhile, these same boys that raped this girl, are probably boys, that their mothers will do anything to have. When they have the so called male child, training the boy becomes a problem. Is it not better to have 10 girls than having 1 useless male child who brings nothing but shame to their family.

Bottom line is that, mothers are not doing much to protect their girl-child. Start talking to your sons…stop deceiving yourselves.

May the soul of Comfort Uche-Ume rest in perfect peace. May those boys and their families, who caused this have no rest until they face the full wrath of the law.



Is definitely the beginning of wisdom!

My peeps, I can’t shout. Ever since my past experience with my present maid and her very many ‘sexcapades’, I know best not to leave her with my 12 year old son. Yeah…my son has grown in many ways you can ever imagine. Even I his mother know that chics are in trouble!

With what I have heard and what is going on now…maids ‘deflowering’ young boys… Please O, mbok! The average age at which young boys get disvirgined is 12years and I have true life experiences from my male friends.

I remember vividly what the stupid girl said when she first set eyes on my son.
“Ehn ehn, aunty, see Fola. He has grown so much and is so handsome”. Immediately my antennas and alarm went up screeching ‘Pervert-Alert’! From that moment onwards, my eyes were fixed on her every move.

One time I caught her sleeping in my son’s room. You know as a woman of the house, you never sleep through out the night…things happen in the middle of the night. So that day I was doing my usual midnight ’rounds’, and I stumbled on the maid sleeping on the floor of my son’s room. Of course I quickly kicked her up and demanded what she was doing in the room when she has hers. Imagine her telling me that it’s because her room is hot. Which room is hot? Fine, the air-conditioner may not have been serviced in ages but there’s a fan that works as well as an air-conditioner. Long and short of is that I sent her out and warned her severely never to venture into my son’s room ever. That’s how nonsense starts!

My didn’t understand why he had to keep following me to work through out his midterm break until I broke it down for him. You should have seen the look on his face as he held his crotch!


Photo credit: TMZ

*I like playing fair and so believe people should be fair in their dealings with other people. In this case, I honestly don’t think Judy Huth is playing fair…not that my opinion counts though!*

TMZ reports that the L.A. County District Attorney has simply rejected to accept the case filed against Bill Cosby by Judy Huth since 1974. He clearly stated that… “the statute of limitations has long run on any possible case”. The D.A further explained that for action to take place, under the law at the time she would have had to make her complaint within 1 year.

Please, guys, examine the peculiarity of Judy Huth’s allegations…keeping in mind she was 15 years old at the time!!

Huth says Cosby gave her 3 beers and then took her to the Mansion. She says they were sitting on a bed and he tried to touch her vagina, but she blocked him by saying she was menstruating. She also alleged that Cosby grabbed her hand, pulled his sweatpants open and placed her hand on his erect penis. She says he then masturbated himself with her hand. 


As much as I do not support what he may or may not have done, I believe people grow, people change to become better persons. Judy should simply have found closure by communicating with him privately, rather than smear his name in public. A simple ‘I’m deeply sorry’ would have been fine if she really is genuinely pained. Yes, he may have taken advantage of her, but she has to take part in the blame.


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Dear NHW,

Please, I need your help. I am in a big dilemma.

I moved in with my sister and her family following my relocation from the Northern part  of the country. I’ve been with them for a little over a month and it has been hell for me. My sister is not the problem, her husband is.

Her husband is always touching my breasts or grabbing my butt when I am alone. I try all the time to avoid being with him in a room. I’ve confronted him about it and even threatened to tell my sister, but he says that if I am not comfortable with him, I can leave anytime I want. He knows fully well that I am at their mercy, because I just a new job that I am barely 2 months in. I am hoping to save some money and get my own apartment. My sister is the only person I have in Lagos while my older brother is based in the UK. Even if I tell him my predicament, he may not be able to do anything about it because he is struggling too.

Please help me find a solution to this problem. I am even afraid the man will rape me one day when she travels.


*My dear, there is nothing to think about here…Report him to your sister. Stop threatening and do it! This guy looks like he needs a fix! Like you said, he can rape you, so why do you want to wait until that point?! I just hope your sister is not that type that believes she is married to a saint?!



Photo credit: PUNCH

Wonders will never stop ceasing!

This world is definitely coming to an end!

According to PUNCH, a 35 year old Andrew Ekanem, has been arrested for raping his neighbour’s 14 year old daughter, who has tuberculosis.

The 14 year old had been undergoing a six month treatment for tuberculosis when she was raped. The rapist cornered her when she went to ease herself around 2am.

Examination of the victim in a hospital, revealed that the girl was penetrated in the vagina, as well as the anus, leaving her bruised up.

*Imagine what one of the neighbours, a carpenter, Tunde Hassan uttered with his mouth…

“Up till now, I cannot comprehend what happened. The man was a gentle man and he never fought or made trouble with anybody.

“But at the same time, people should learn to forgive when things like this happen, because you never can tell. Somebody that was bad to you today can be good to you tomorrow.”

*Parents should be more watchful on their wards especially when you know you live in a funny place. If possible, at such ungodly hours, escort your kids wherever they need to go! It could have been worse if it was a ritualist involved!*