Shocked beyond words

I’ve tried to understand in different languages this worrisome letter. Since I haven’t been able to come up with any reasonable explanation, I’ve decided to share it with you guys…and then you tell me if the writer has spiritual problems following her from the deepest root of her village! 

The letter

How can a fellow woman want sex so bad, she needs her intestines shifted…how?! Are you telling me, that nothing else fills this woman’s thought except an enlarged penis?? 

Woman, whoever you are, you don’t need an enlarged penis, you need deliverance…or peeps, am I missing something hia? 


Please before you think anything, these are not my thoughts. I just thought I should share the information with people who need it. A lot of couples are busy blaming themselves for their lack of enjoying great sex. Now, before pointing that accusatory finger, make sure you are not involved in the following habits:

  1. Lack of enough sleep. You should have at least between 7 to 9 hours of sleep.
  2. Lack of exercise. Exercise provides you with capacity, stamina, strength and flexibility…which of course you will need between the sheets. Do at least 30minutes a day of exercise, even if it is brisk walking.
  3. Your bedroom is a mess! You can have great sex in the midst of clutter! You need to make your bedroom your haven.
  4. Lack of essential nutrients.Your body needs necessary nutrients to function optimally, especially vitamins and minerals. Eat foods rich in Vitamin B, such as chicken, fish, etc. Don’t just concentrate on getting only carbohydrate like rice, yam, eba…you know yourselves.
  5. Eating foods that increase gas in your tummy!…the end result being FART! If you are planning a romantic evening with your partner, then it’s best you stay away from beans or anything similar! For me, I might just add some oats to the list!
  6. Excessive consumption of alcohol. Too much alcohol causes the inability to orgasm.
  7. Quit smoking. Research has proven that smoking is strongly associated with ‘Erectile Dysfunction’.
  8. Check the medications you are on. Some drugs like antihypertensives, antihistamine, or antidepressants have being implicated as a cause of erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness and low or no libido. Go see your doctor.
  9. Lack of wait for this… Masturbation!! Self-pleasuring, apparently is used as a form of therapy for sexual disorders. They say it helps awaken sexual desires.

So, now you have these information, it’s left for you to go try some or all of it out…the ball is now in your own court.



Common guys, let’s be realistic… How do you know when a woman is sexually satisfied?

Before I go on, it’s important that I mention that this section *cough*, is for ‘grown’ adults. Yeah, it is what is… You may be an adult that is not grown. Look at your neighbour with whom you are the same age, you’ll understand!

So back to what I was trying to say… Guys, are you aware that a lot of women fake orgasm? Maybe just to please you guys… I don’t know.

I just feel that when a woman is satisfied, you will know…you just. But for the sake of guys who don’t know, peeps help a brother out.

How can you tell when a woman is sexually satisfied? What are those tell-tale signs? Oya, share biko!


I have never really given this topic a thought, until I was forced to by an ‘awesome’ couple that visited me at the clinic today.

I’m quite aware of what is expected of me as a family physician, but what do you do when you have clients who have sexual issues in marriage? Both husband and wife love each other very much but are not on the same page in terms of their sex lives. Husband loves to try different sex positions but his wife likes it the ‘regular’ way (I didn’t even bother asking what the regular way was, I was already embarrassed as it was!). He has tried getting his wife to watch pornography with him so that she could learn a few ‘tricks’ but she has incessantly refused (due to religious reasons).

Now, can you imagine they came all the way to the hospital to inquire if there was a medical treatment for ‘sexual boredom’ (in the man’s own words), since his wife has refused to try the ‘devil’s method’. Like seriously?! I don’t remember studying ‘Sexology’ in medical school.

One time, if I remember clearly, a young man who got married as virgin, opened up to me during the course of his interview, the problems he was facing making love to his wife and innocently  ignorantly, I asked him to watch some porn…C’mmon, what did you expect me to say or do?! Funnily, he did and then came back to thank me for being very open sincere with him, that everything worked out after watching porn. I was dumbstruck. Of course, I was happy he was happy but it left me with questions in my head…now, these couple came with their own problems…there was no way I was going to suggest or agree to pornography!

I think, pornography does more harm than good, if you ask me. From what I gather, experts have shown that men may become “impatient” or “impersonal” during sex, ignore needed foreplay or day to day flirtations that lead to sex.  These are “powerfully connecting moments in couple’s lives” that should not be taken for granted.

For me, it’s either of two things, deep connection and communication or the couple should seek the services of a certified sex therapist.

Did you guys notice that I didn’t even answer my own question?! *Big Eyes*


 This is what Nigerian-Lebanese Queeneth Hilbert had to say concerning sex in an interview with VANGUARD.

“ When I was trying to establish myself as a model, every man I met wanted something from me. In this country, most men you meet don’t want to do anything for you unless you are ready to offer sex. Only very few men are nice. I don’t know if it happens like that to other women but for me, it has and that doesn’t mean I have anything against men. I don’t” she says

And her feelings haven’t affected her desirability to have sex with the opposite sex. “Well, you see someone and you feel this guy will be good in bed, fine, go ahead and have it. Sex is something you can have if you feel good about it. I don’t believe all those Bible stuffs about sex” she quips.

Well, my only advice to Queeneth is that she should really be mindful of her utterances especially when it comes to biblical stuff. Ignorance isn’t bliss.

*For someone who resembles ‘mammy-water’ (mermaid), what do expect?!*