I heard the loud banter outside my room, but I chose to ignore. I knew the norm was to get up from my bed and ask what the matter was, but I still chose not. Let me just watch what the end result would be, I decided.
The noise grew louder… And louder. Then wails. It sounded like my last daughter. I should get up and ask, but no, I could hear my first son shouting, obviously at someone. His words where difficult to understand but I could make out that he was speaking rudely at someone. Ironically, I was pleased. He’s grown so much; he’s voice now deep; chest seemed broad, not to mention his ‘towering’ height. 

I knew he wouldn’t forget The Rules: No Beating Anyone or Fighting. You can shout as much as you want but thou shalt not raise thy hands. 

I’ve raised my kids well, especially they know to respect their elders, but never to be taken advantage of, bullied or disrespected. So deep inside of me, I sort of had the feeling of ‘Situation under Control’. 

I wasn’t surprised when I heard a loud knock on my door… I was long expecting, was surprised it hadn’t come sooner. Just as I had imagined it, my kids needed me to know what was going on. My little girl coming in with an exaggerated wail, holding her right knee. I couldn’t resist rolling my eyes in my head! My son, barging in with an obviously exaggerated scowl, hoping to get a 2 thumbs up for what he was about to tell me… and yes, I indulged him! Even before he began his statement, my thumbs were up… Sorry, I just couldn’t help it. 

I heard everything… Partly their fault, partly their Aunt’s fault. Well, what can I say, stuff happens. Maybe if Aunt had spoken gently, she wouldn’t need to have shoved my little girl violently, who fell in the process and hit her knee on the edge of the door. All in the bid to get her to have her bath. And her ‘Super-hero’ brother wouldn’t have shouted furiously at Aunt and told her a few hard words. *smacking my lips

I felt good knowing that my kids can stand up for themselves. I raise my kids to be respectful but not be afraid of anyone, so absolutely no apologies. Nada. 

For the rest of the morning, I couldn’t help but notice Aunt keep a reasonable distance from the kids. 

O, well… That’s life. 

Time to watch Zee world… Twist of Fate to be exact. 


I have observed over the years that the term ‘like’ and ‘respect’ mean absolutely different things.

I used to think that if people liked you, respect for you will automatically fall into place. Unfortunately, that’s when they take you for granted even more. But you see, it’s better to be a bitch and be respected, than be liked at all. Being a bitch, has a lot of people respecting your space, your time and everything else. They like you, you are compelled to displease yourself to please them!

So let’s hear it from you…which do you prefer, ‘Like’ or ‘Respect’?


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It breaks my heart to bits when I see or hear a lot of young girls being coerced into having sex all in the name of “He is my boyfriend”, and so what?! It’s still your life anyway…

Earlier today, while I was having a chat with a young beautiful girl, she confessed that she didn’t enjoy sex and that every time she had sex, it was painful! I simply told her that ¬†she felt that way because she really didn’t want to have sex. She obviously was not ready psychologically and spiritually for sex. She agreed with me almost immediately, she felt she owed it to her boyfriend to make him happy!…at the expense of her values and happiness. That doesn’t spell LOVE.

I asked her if she had discussed this issue of sex from onset of her relationship, with her boyfriend and she said yes she had. But each time she was alone with him, he managed to make her have sex with him. This totally contradicts her values and spiritual life, because every time she engages in sex, it leaves her sad and feeling dirty. With this mind set, no one can ever like sex.

First and foremost, you girls really need to understand the meaning of the word ‘Values’ and until you do, you will keep falling short of your personal goals. For you to get that guy you are interested in to respect your values, you first have to respect your own values. And if that guy truly loves you like he claims, then he should respect the things you cherish the most in your life. If he needs the sex that bad…he should put a ring on it! If he can’t wait, he should keep walking…

And you, stop putting yourself in situations that make you fall short of expectations. For example, you don’t want sex, but you keep meeting him when he is all alone in that house and you are wearing ‘skimpy skimpy’…Na so!

Sex is wonderful when applied at the right time with the right person!

Love comes with Respect.

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