This is not funny anymore, the way the government is handling the cases of violence against women and the girl child.

I’m talking particularly about the recent case of the 15 year old primary 5 pupil who was gang-raped by 5 men in Bariga, Lagos.

This bastardy act was masterminded by a useless tailor who has always made advances towards her, but she always turned down. What was the ‘crime’ she committed?

In her own words…

“I am in Primary five, but I am also an apprentice in a hairdressing shop. I was given a piece of cloth by my boss on January 6, and I needed a tailor to sew it for me. Mr. Femi said he would assist me and I gave him the cloth.

“But when I went to him to take my clothes, he told me that he wanted to date me. When the pestering did not stop, I let go of the clothes and stopped communicating with him.

“On Monday, January 11, around 8pm, our landlord’s son called me that Abidoye, a neighbour, was looking for me. It was not the first time that I would go to the man’s house to run errands for him or his wife, so I thought he wanted to send me on an errand.

“But on entering the room, I discovered it was dark and the man was not around. As I turned back to go, a group of five men, led by the tailor, grabbed me and blocked my mouth. They took turns to rape me. The whole thing lasted for about one hour.”

As usual, even when her father reported the case to the Police, the case was discharged almost immediately. The victim’s visit or attendance to the Mirabel Centre wasn’t and hasn’t been productive!… Well apart from the ‘flimsy’ medical tests done. I personally feel that Mirabel centre should provide much more than medical tests. The victim’s psychological state is of utmost importance while she awaits the so-called justice!

I still can’t understand why the government won’t take this rape matter seriously… Is it because they have never had a daughter or sister raped?

Well, my take on this is that, anyone in government who has the authority to bring culprits to book and who doesn’t, will henceforth suffer what the victims suffer and much more. For every case of rape not judged, who ever is in authority will ‘hear’ it. This is not a curse but a fact. #My God doesn’t sleep. He is a Just God.




I’m totally disgusted and flabberwhelmed at the way some people reason, so much so, it makes me wonder, what’s the point?! What’s the point of sharing your sadness, even your happiness with these group of people?… Let alone anyone.

After reading Sugarbelly’s story, and how she recounted her rape ordeal at 17, I felt nothing but pride for her, for being able to summon courage to talk about. For crying out loud, she was 17!…fresh from Loyola College. Everyone knows how Loyola grooms people, no matter how rebellious that child is!

Is it a crime for an adolescent to have a crush or ‘idolize’ someone she thinks she’s in love with?! It doesn’t matter when she decides to talk about it, at least she’s talking about it! For crying out loud, she’s on a path to self-discovery and recovery. If this is the only way she can heal, so be it.

Nigerians are so fond of addressing a woman by the way she looks or dresses. So fast in passing judgement just because she wears a mini-skirt, parties and probably even has a boyfriend. So what, she lived life on the fast lane… She’s still a woman, a human being with rights! Does that give anyone the right to take advantage of such a woman that society has chosen to label?

Please, it’s high time, we start naming and shaming it! Rape is Rape, whether physical, emotional or psychological!

A big shame to all the women who are fast in calling another woman a ‘prostitute’…please define it! Is this the time for you as a woman to judge negatively or to reach out to her who needs your support?!

I don’t know who this Sugarbelly is, but I commend your courage. You are the voice of other young girls who are in a similar situation but don’t know how to get out.

If you are a mother and you are among the women calling Sugarbelly names, now is the time to look at your daughter and ensure that she doesn’t go through the same ordeal…because my dear, whether you like it or not, your daughter is a GIRL-CHILD!

My final advice to Sugarbelly, is that she should totally ignore people’s negativities and keep spreading words of counsel to girls in similar SEX SLAVERY, all in the name of love! Yes, O… A lot of girls are SEX SLAVES and don’t know it.

When a woman keeps engaging in sexual activities against her will, just because she is doing ‘it’ with her boyfriend, she is a SEX SLAVE!

#nameitandshameit #saynotoslavery



This story may be stale to you but it’s a problem that will continue to haunt our ‘Girl Child’ if nothing is done about it now!

I’m not only sickened and disgusted by this story (real for that matter) but I’m totally saddened by the manner in which the family members, not to mention the police, treated this case. It’s something we need to follow up on.

I read that this unfortunate human being (picture above), who claims to be a father, has been sexually molesting his 7year old daughter.

In the girl’s words,

“My daddy usually gives me money after touching my private part or putting his penis in my mouth.”

How can a father be so vile evil?!

Even the child’s mother testified to it,

“Last year, my son told me that his younger sister was fond of playing with her private parts”

What does one expect the resultant effect of this horrible act to be?! When a child starts fondling herself unnecessarily, that’s the time to start asking and investigating.

The woman even tried by reporting to the Police but guess what?… Family members rebuked her for doing so? They forced her to withdraw the case, claiming that it was a family issue! MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS

What is family issue about this matter… It is a criminal case, pure and simple!

*I got this gist from Amebo app, who got it from Vanguard I think! *



And trust Nigerian parents to add salt to the injury.

The incidence happened in Abia state. The victim, a 15 year old JSS 3 girl, who just finished writing her junior WAEC exams. On her way back from her married sister’s house, 3 boys,who had been making advances at her dragged her into bush and took turns in abusing her.

Instead of her mother to handle her daughter and the situation with utmost care, she started blaming her for being raped and even started stigmatising her.

The traumatised Girl, not knowing what to do and where to go, plus fear of possibly getting pregnant, hung herself on a guava tree(an orange tree wouldn’t have made a difference… Mscheew).

*I don’t understand why some mothers do that, blame their daughters for being sexually molested or raped… Well, that’s part of being female in Nigeria. Even if their fathers raped them, the daughters will still be punished or blamed. SMH!

Meanwhile, these same boys that raped this girl, are probably boys, that their mothers will do anything to have. When they have the so called male child, training the boy becomes a problem. Is it not better to have 10 girls than having 1 useless male child who brings nothing but shame to their family.

Bottom line is that, mothers are not doing much to protect their girl-child. Start talking to your sons…stop deceiving yourselves.

May the soul of Comfort Uche-Ume rest in perfect peace. May those boys and their families, who caused this have no rest until they face the full wrath of the law.


Kirikiri areaOur government should start taking more drastic measures in punishing offenders like Obinna Ekusaba, a possessed 38-year-old motorcyclist! He was recently arrested for raping a primary six pupil for six months in the Kirikiri area of Lagos State.

How can a full grown man be sleeping with girls young enough to be their daughters! God will punish you people O!

Mothers, not even fathers self, please start telling your daughters the whole truth about dangers that they are likely to face as they get older. Be completely open with them, don’t hold anything back. If you can’t do it, get trained people to do it for you.

This useless Ekusaba who usually cigarette and alcoholic drinks from the victim’s shop, lured her away to bring a bottle of drink into an uncompleted building in the motor park.

According to the victim,

“Brother Obinna (Ekusaba) used to buy cigarette, water and alcoholic drinks from my mother’s shop. Last year, I was in my mother’s shop when Brother Obinna called me to bring a bottle for him inside the building. On getting there, he put his hand inside his pocket and brought out N500; he asked me to enter. But I told him my daddy used to give me N500. He then brought out N1,000. As I entered the building, he removed my pants and put his private parts inside my own. After he removed it, I demanded the money and he brought it out. As I was about to collect it, he put it back inside his pocket. That was how Brother Obinna started sleeping with me.”

The girl self don spoil finish!!

Her mother claims she found out while giving the girl a bath, when she noticed that her fingers were entering the girl’s vagina freely!

My questions for mama are:

1. What are you doing bathing an 11 year old girl?

2. Why in God’s name would you be washing the insides of her vagina?

Then the idiot gave his own version,

“I came to Lagos 10 years ago and I started riding motorcycle. I know the complainant as the mother of the victim. She is like a sister to me. I have been making love with her daughter for long. When we started, I told her I would buy something for her, but I didn’t buy her anything. I slept with her five times. Each time I wanted to sleep with her, I would carry her on my lap. It was on the fifth time that I could penetrate. I slept with her at a car park. I did it during the day and night inside the park. I know I have committed an offence.”

Mothers, please wake up from your slumber!!

Story culled from PUNCH