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Lol! I’m not even sure why I chose to write on this topic “FIBROIDS”.

Fibroids is a common health problem plaguing a lot of women, especially Nigerian women, mentally, physically and socially. It is a major ‘sleep-killer’!

Each day at the clinic, I see 3 out of 7 women with fibroids and fibroids-related problems. Their general reaction to fibroids is one of sad ignorance. Before women can get past these fears, we need to first list the fears…abi, what do you think?

  1. Fibroids is hereditary and can be passed from one generation to another.
  2. Having fibroids means having surgery.
  3. Having fibroids means removal of the womb.
  4. Fibroid surgery leads to death.
  5. Fibroids means never been able to get pregnant.
  6. Fibroids is the same as cancer.

To really overcome these fears, you need to address them one by one. How? Get some education on Fibroid.

Not really in the mood to go into scientific explanations but some things are sure which are:

  1. Fibroids is not hereditary. There is no gene carrying Fibroids.
  2. Fibroids may or may not be surgically removed. It all depends on the size, location and distressing symptoms.
  3. Fibroids doesn’t kill and neither is the surgery as long as you do not allow it get complicated and you do not patronize quack surgeons.
  4. Fibroids is not cancerous.
  5. Fibroids can be a cause of infertility, depending on the type and the location, but that does not mean it cannot be managed

Enough of me ‘talking’…ask and you shall be answered.

Common locations of fibroids. Image credit: Obgyn.ucla.edu


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I hate hearing stories like this…seriously.

If you ask me, why would you publish a story like this and not put the person’s name for such a horrible act! Someone else could fall victim of this behaviour! This same pastor will soon be released and go about the business he knows how to do best – child molestation!

Even the mother of the child should be flogged!

Read the story as told by VANGUARD

A 32-year-old pastor has been remanded in prison for allegedly raping and impregnating an 11-year-old girl (names withheld) in Lagos State.

The pastor (names withheld) whose church is located at Odunbaku Street in Iju Ishaga, a Lagos suburb, was arraigned at a Senior Magistrates’ Court, Abule Egba, Lagos State.

According to reports, the pastor allegedly told the victim’s mother that there is an arrow of death in her house and must move out to avoid death.

In obedience, the woman moved into the church with her children.

However, trouble started when the woman noticed some strange behaviour by her daughter who complained of stomach pain and showed signs of malaria.

According to the mother, she contacted a nurse who then treated her for malaria, but the sickness continued until she underwent a scan which revealed that she was pregnant.

It was later discovered that she was two months pregnant and when pressed further, she revealed that the pastor gave her ‘holy water’ to drink and also gave her a red substance to rub on her face.

The victim further added that she became unconscious only for her to see the pastor on her.

When she wanted to scream, she said he used his hand to cover her mouth before sleeping with her, and told her she would die if she told anyone.

The pastor pleaded not guilty to the two-count charge and the presiding magistrate, Mr. T. A. Elias, ordered him remanded in prison custody, pending the advice of Directorate of Public Prosecution and adjourned the case to January 2015.

*Na Wah O!*..and they didn’t have the courtesy to mention his name!


Wow! Could this 13th pregnancy be a boy or a girl?!

Jay and Kateri Schwandt, from western Michigan have 12 sons. Their 13th baby is due May 9, 2015 and they are sticking to the tradition of not checking whether it is a boy or a girl! *Talk about taking chances*

According to PEOPLE MAGAZINE, the couple think it might be another boy but are still welcome to either gender. They think that a little girl will douse the ‘pressure’ created by the boys around the house. *Lol!*

The Schwandts consider themselves to be devout Roman Catholics, who don’t believe in using birth control. Afterall, Kateri, hails from a family of 14 kids. She also says she loves being pregnant!

*Na wah O! Is it not because they have the support of their government. Can she try this in Nigeria?! Anyway, I sure hope she’s thinking of the health implications. As for not using contraceptives, I admire her courage but there is still room for ‘Abstinence’ now*



Adenike Kolawole who delivered after 5 years of pregnancy

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Now, it’s stories like this that really piss me off!

According to PM News, an Abuja-based woman, Adenike Kolawole was delivered of a baby boy after being barren for 27 years and after carrying the pregnancy for 5 years.

Apparently she delivered the baby at an Evangelical Church of Cherubim and Seraphim, located at Pipeline Road, Mafon area, Ejigbo, Lagos during church service!…So what now?! Every woman looking for the ‘fruit of the womb’ should generally migrate to the church for blessings na?! SMH!

The woman even said she menstruated throughout the pregnancy.

For Christ’s sake I also believe in miracles but common!…Let me explain what most likely happened. She had fibroids that kept increasing and she must have refused surgery, and while she kept waiting for the pregnancy to occur, she got pregnant (nothing is impossible with God) alongside the fibroids.

I mean they should have backed up their claim with ultrasound scan that showed the super baby growing normally in utero. We are evidence-based medical doctors and not Native doctors or magicians.

This story is similar to the one I published here. Read it now.


Very simple…but our husbands have consistently failed to see it😥
Husband, just do the following and we are fine, probably even love you more:
1. Give us a ‘cooking’ break! Instead, why don’t you cook up a meal for two and serve us in bed.😜
2. Give our shoulders a gentle massage.
3. Do the laundry (without been told).
4. Go shopping (don’t worry, we will write the list!)
5. Leave us your wallet or atm card …we never know when your unborn kid might feel peckish!
6. Do school runs.
7. Ask us at intervals if we need anything (like extra comfort etcetera) !
8. Mind the kids at every opportunity you get.