Behind every successful man, is a prayerful and resilient wife

…ever heard of this saying? It’s actually a cliché which a lot of us never really pondered on. Hmmm…

If there’s nothing I’ve learnt in my 15 years plus of marriage, I’ve learnt that truly the minute a man and a woman have formed a union before God (called Marriage), the woman is automatically bestowed with an immense power to indirectly ‘rule’ her home but the man takes the glory.

In the early years of marriage, we are completely overwhelmed by all the problems that come with marriage : emotional, financial, social and spiritual (all these will be expantiated in future posts), that we completely forget to do one thing…PRAY!

We spend so much time thinking and rethinking all our challenges, so much so we allow the devil fill our minds with the fear of the unknown. During this trying period, this unspeakable fear may push us to think, say or do things that will push us further away from God. And still, we do not PRAY!

A lot of us want our husbands to be and do a lot of things…but it’s all in our heads and not from our hearts. Because if it was truly from our hearts, we would understand that it’s not by our power or might or our husbands’ power.

It is true that our husbands can say and do things that make us not want to pray for them. They can be inconsiderate, uncaring, abusive, even negligent. But we should not let all these bad attitude block our efforts in building a happy home. God has said in His Good Book that whatever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

What we need to understand is that the devil doesn’t like union at all, especially one blessed by God! Get off your ‘shego’ (female ego) and submit all manner of bad behavior to God – alcoholism, laziness, bad temper, domestic abuse, infidelity, family negligence, etcetera etcetera.

I found out much later that marriage is not only for enjoyment ; some people start their marriages with trials and tribulations but later end in joy while some start the marriage with ‘over enjoyment’ but experience some turbulence along the journey. Sometimes our hurt and anger for our husbands does not allow our prayers work.

We are the only ones that have the power to release our husbands from whatever bondage they may be in, not even his mother’s prayer or his sister’s prayer is as powerful as ours. While we pray genuinely for our husbands, we also go through spiritual and emotional changes. Our heart becomes right, we start to unburden and become better wives.

Let us PRAY so that we start to reap the benefits. Let us form the habit of looking to God as the source of all we want to see in our in our husbands and in our marriages.

May God help us all in the bid to be happy in our marriages. Amen.



  You know me, I love to look at things retrospectively.

Today I woke up feeling a bit emotionally down, majorly because I hadn’t met my personal goals. But then I quickly got out of that messed up mood when I remembered the incidence that occurred in Ojuelegba some weeks back when a truck conveying containers skidded off the bridge and landed on some cars, killing people… I still shiver when I remember the lost lives.

I’m eternally to God for an opportunity of another day. I try not to think to much about what my next plan is or would be… I just flow with the flow. I work hard, play hard, pray hard and love hard. So basically, I try not to live a life of balance and no regrets.

The scary bit about life is that you never know when it’s the end… You just never know!

Still on the accident issue, I bet those guys that lost their lives where healthy people. They must have had everything going for them, but you see that’s not the point. It’s not how long but how well you live those opportunities given to you.

Even if I’m not the richest person on earth, or don’t win first place or be as famous as Bill Gates, I’m still going to remain very grateful to God and continue to work at being a better person.

So peeps, that’s what I thought of before I got out of bed today. 🙂



Photo credit: Turn Back To God

Before I go on to say what I want, if you know you are a husband in ‘here’ and you occasionally initiate FAMILY PRAYER, without necessarily waiting for your wife, then this article is not for you…but you can share with your friends who generally shy away from prayer.

Husbands, why are you so difficult? You mean to tell me that after all these years of your being married, you still do not know the value of prayer in marriage? Why do you find it difficult to, on your own, gather the family together for prayer? It is not only for the wife to do, sometimes, she needs to know that she’s not alone in this ‘battle’.

Some husbands not only do not initiate prayer, but love to dodge it! Why, for goodness sakes?! Without God, do you think you will be where you are? Have you really taken time out to really appreciate God’s presence in your life and in that of your family’s?!

There are some husbands, that the minute their wives wake them up for family devotion, it will look like that’s the worst  crime the poor women have ever committed…meanwhile that is the normal time for ‘Morning Devotion’ O! #BigTimeConfusionists

Please, without flogging the issue, I would like love to urge the husbands in the house to be more spiritually inclined. Just because, you are the ‘financier’ of the home, does not mean you should take the back seat when it comes to spiritual matters.

Even those of you claiming or forming “Too busy”, please you can’t afford to be too busy for God. Is it not the same God that provided you that job, that contract, that ‘hustling platform’? Abeg!! A few minutes of your ‘glorious’ time is not too much to ask! Oo, Nna?

Join your wife in getting the family together for prayer…don’t leave her only to be doing it. Sometimes, she may need spiritual assistance. Doing it with her makes it even more interesting. Even in church matters, don’t be looking for ways to dodge it…you are not a baby please!

Thank you for sparing me your ‘ears’.