Happy new month peeps. 
Like I’ve mentioned many times before on this blog, I simply love new months…new everything *lol! 

I know loads of peeps who worry about tomorrow… Naaa, no need. That’s basically doing God’s work, which is to provide no only today’s ‘bread’, but tomorrow’s and the next. 

Can you try and practice each day as it comes? Can you try and trust God with your ‘tomorrow’? Let Him worry about tomorrow’s uncertainties. I feel it’s only people who doubt God, (even though they claim to love Him more than anything)that worry the most… yeah, right! 

I know, it’s normal to have fears about the future especially based on our accomplishments. But have you thought for once that you may be the one retarding your ‘growth’, by allowing your fears eat deep into you… So much so that it paralyses every aspect of your life, spiritually, physically and mentally. 

Just simply take a breather. Relax, God has your back. I mean it, He truly has your back. He’s aware of your problems and He needs you to trust Him in dealing with these problems that don’t seem to go away! 

I’ve learnt (in harsh ways I dare to say) to trust God. Just being simple in your way of life is key. Life and living life isn’t as complicated as we see it. The minute you detect that your thoughts or your fears are affecting your sleep, blood pressure, sugar level or your life style, it’s time to BACK OFF! Let God take the wheel. 

Before I go on and on… Happy New Month again and again and again… 



Did any one notice that, no one played any prank on the 1st of this new month? Or is it just my imagination?!

Frankly speaking, I don’t think anyone is in the mood for meaningless pranks! Everyone is hustling, even babies! There would have been a high chance of being slapped if any prank had being played! *Teeheehee*

Imagine pranking a 65 year old pensioner who has been waiting for his money for God knows how long, and then he gets a call that he has just being paid and should come collect it at a particular place! He uses his last cash to get to where you are… Please, let him not meet you there!

Or me abandoning a very important financially-enabling meeting just to answer a call that my car has been stolen! Please, I beg you, be sure to call an ambulance before I get there… And maybe the police!

Point is, no time for April Fool… Happy New Month peeps!



Happy New Month peeps!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned to you guys how much I love New days, weeks and months… New everything! Most of all, I love ‘tomorrows’, it gives a feeling of ‘rebirth’. This 1st of February is a new ‘tomorrow’.

A lot of us take our ‘tomorrow’ for granted, knowingly or unknowingly. Tomorrow gives us a chance to right all our wrongs…at least most of it. Tomorrow allows for us to make things happen, that didn’t happen yesterday. Tomorrow allows us to say the “I love you”s that we haven’t said to our loved ones. Tomorrow brings us closer to God.

Every night before I lay me down to sleep, my last thoughts are usually about how my tomorrow would be, hoping that God gives me the chance to make it better, that which I didn’t ‘perfect’ for that day.

What we need to take cognisance of is that (I hate to say this), one day, only one day, that ‘tomorrow’ may never come… That’s a harsh reality of life! But hopefully our ‘tomorrow’ will not run out prematurely in Jesus name. We shall live to fulfil our destiny.

So my peeps, for every ‘tomorrow’ we are given, we should first of all be grateful and then seize grab every opportunity it gives us.

I hope y’all have a fulfilled day and week ahead.

Love you guys…xoxo



You guys I’m like…

Every month, just like every day is a special one. Love, faith and hope is what makes the new day month special.

People love and live life for love. The fact that you are in love and you are loved back, keeps you looking forward to the next day… Wondering what tomorrow would bring. Even if you don’t have anyone in particular to love, the love of God and for God, is what keeps us looking forward to pleasing Him ‘tomorrow’.


Faith is another gift that makes the month special. Faith that you will succeed better at something you love. Faith that you will get a job or a better one. Faith that you will serve God better. Faith that you will be blessed with the fruit of the womb this new month. Faith, my peeps, is believing without doubt the miracles God has in store for us and our loved ones.


Finally, hope… Hmm, every morning when I wake and my feet touch the ground, I have nothing but hope for a better day, better future, hope for positive results from all my hustles!


Tell me, how can I not be excited about the new month?! I’m sorry but I’m an Usher, ushering the new month in.

This month, I hope to take my gym classes more seriously (but I’ve always been serious, maybe not regular).

Therefore peeps, receive Anointing of peace in your homes, promotions and success in business, good health and fruit of the womb.

Enjoy the rest of the day, my lovelies! 💕💕💕


Happy new month peeps!

Like my very good friend said, “Today marks the beginning of the second half of the year”. And it also marks the beginning of more signs and wonders to come.

For some people going through trying moments (who isn’t really?!), I say to you don’t give up on your struggles. You are much closer to your dreams than you think…trust me :mrgreen:.

It’s only the weak and the doubtful that give up. You keep fighting until your last breath, but we will all live long to reap the fruit of our labor in Jesus name. Amen.

Every new day, new month or new year, you must see as a privilege and not a luxury to be wasted. Be appreciative. Quit complaining, the journey doesn’t get any easier!

As you approach your dreams, be sure to help someone with his or her own dreams. Don’t be selfish. Your success will not be complete if there’s no one to celebrate with you.

So make sure you don’t dull again this month!