Everyday, the activities of many Nigerians are continuously been exposed. It’s funny how we judge people on the outside and fail to observe the inside.

When I read this story about how 2 bankers were defrauded by a herbalist and a prophetess, the first question that crossed my mind was, “What’s the connection between bankers and herbalist and prophetess?!” I hoped it was business that was the connection.

Apparently, the bank workers voluntarily sought the services of the herbalist and the prophetess by bringing money to them for money rituals. *At this time and age? And at this their level? *

One of the bankers being a woman was doing it to get pregnant and to be wealthy as well as successful. Can you imagine?! Isn’t God enough for her? #JustThinkingOutLoud

You can see that education doesn’t really prevent anyone from certain practices. If I were the female banker’s husband, I should be afraid. The rate at which people do all sorts to get rich… Only God will judge.


I really need my money!

How can a whole Federal Government be owing me my monthly salary…simply preposterous!

How can they publicly declare that salaries have been paid when only about 5% of staff were paid only! This is middle of the month na…even when I worked for the private sector, I didn’t have it this bad.

Seriously, lately I’ve been tempted not to show up at work…hoping that ‘they’ will do their worst! The Feds’ have unleashed a hungry dragon in me.

Federal Government ‘Onigbese’ …please pay up! This is the time people should be striking but I’m shocked no one is😐. After, some will be grumbling back stage.

Okay, no wahala, if you people want to leave this payment till the end of the month, no probs, just make sure the second salary is paid with it, or else…

FYI Feds, My debts are weighing me down O! 


black-couple-quarrelingI’ve been led by the Holy spirit to write this post, believe it or not!

Many will agree with me that about 70% of marital problems borders around ‘Money’. Money can truly be the root of all problems in marriage…the matter tire me! But there are ways around it and I’m here to offer some advice on it.

In marriage, it’s not possible to have a couple who are both ‘savers’, someone has to be the ‘spender’ and the other the ‘saver’. *I can spend for Africa!* In this sort of situation, it’s important that the ‘saver’ spouse assists the ‘spender’ spouse in saving, rather than criticizing! Quarrelling still won’t solve the financial mess, but communicating will.

In order for peace to reign, you guys could do the following:

  1. Be open about your finances…at least 80% open. Because there are some spouses that are just horrible, as soon as they know the financial state of their spouse, that ‘saver’ spouse automatically becomes the ‘spender’ spouse…by fire by force.
  2. Choose a good and calm time to talk about your financial state and maybe budget. Definitely not when you guys just back from a hard days job or even the market.
  3. Talk about opening a joint account for some recurrent expenses like rent, school fees, vacation, etc. I still believe in joint accounts, but if your spouse insists on handling the cost of these expenses…don’t stop him. *Hehehe*…just be a helper!
  4. Address what is really causing your spending habit. Is it ‘ojukokoro’ or the bad spirit of spending or maybe a curse in the family?!
  5. You shouldn’t use money as a weapon against your spouse. If you have the money, then spend it on what needs to be done in the house. Don’t be stingy or wicked.
  6. Be real and stop living a fairytale life! Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses…don’t even try!
  7. Stop the ‘blame’ game…no need trying to state the obvious.


downloadFrankly speaking, today is not the day we catholics celebrate Mother’s Day, but because it is a general one, I’m just gonna go with the flow. But really, that’s not what’s doing me now…

I wish there was a balance in days between the weekends and weekdays…the weekdays most definitely more than the weekends! One question…WHY???? 5 weekdays and 2 weekends?! where is the justice in this?! I mean, I practically work my butts off 6 days a week, 19 hours a day, and then the one day I have left to rest, as in really sleep…I have to get up to perform an obligatory duty of going to worship my Alpha and Omega (not that I’m complaining Lord)! 

I think our government should look into this matter and sort of like create 5 weekends…so it’s like having 5 days on, 5 days off! who knows who’s in charge of making this alterations in the calendar?…inbox me ASAP.

Meanwhile, I heard my mother is back…time to be eternally broke! *Daddy, why did you have to die?!* 

On a final note peeps, I woke up this morning with money on my mind, don’t know why! So I’ve decided to dedicate most of my blog posts to money, because it was the one and only thing on my mind. *Hehehe*

Happy reading!…



A Nigerian student, Mustapha Musa Osmanu studying in Ghana has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his blood brothers and gruesomely murdering one…because of what?…MONEY!

According to DAILY POST,

Osmanu, 23, who is studying Information Communication Technology (ICT) at Sikkims Manipal University, Accra, allegedly stabbed two of his brothers at their home in Accra Newtown last Friday, after been high on cocaine.

Nazifi, who happens to be the oldest of them all, died immediately, while the other brother that was stabbed, Jamiru, is recuperating at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

The police say Osmanu had sneaked into their kitchen around 3.30pm, picked a knife and first stabbed Jamiru Osman, 23, in the chest before stabbing Nazifi Osman Mohammed, 27, in the chest and the stomach, leading to his death.

In his statement to the Ghanaian police, Musa claimed said he was under the influence of drugs – he had taken 20 doses of Diazpam 5gm tablets, to enable him study that night but it backfired.

“I admit committing the act. I regret my action and I even wanted to commit suicide after the act but Jamiru took the knife from me. I was out of control after taking the drug. I regret having taken the drugs which enables me study for more than five hours a day”, he said

The Accra Regional Police Commander, DCOP Christian Tetteh Yohuno confirmed the arrest, saying “Jamiru narrated that after seeing the intestines of Nazifi gushing out and blood flowing from his stomach, he immediately had to pretend he did not see the one who stabbed them after he was asked by suspect whether he saw something”.

*But, I heard later that the suspect committed the act, when he learned that his brothers had been given about $4000 from their elder brother to pay their school fees*.

This behaviour, if you as me, did not start today. Parents should take time to nip some bad behaviour off their kids at their tender ages.