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Kai! See me laughing in chinese!

Anyway, what can I possibly do except to help my girls who are single and searching find a boy man!

This is what Denrele tweeted this Saturday…

“How many weddings will I continue to attend this year sef? Heading out to 3 weddings today! I get the message already, Time for me to go marry!”

So who wants to be the lucky woman?! I will be your pastor, don’t fear!


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I don’t understand why single people do this? Are you trying to pick on our brain? It’s only you that knows the answer to that question…well, as long as you have stayed true to your feelings and to your partner!

This question only comes up when you haven’t critically analysed your relationship by asking the very important question or you are deliberating avoiding the obvious!

Listen Read the following carefully…I shall only say write it once!…(Excerpt from YOUR TANGO)

  • Do you love each other?
  • Do you respect each other?
  • Do you have fun together?
  • Does he treat you well?
  • Do you have similar values?
  • Do want the same things out of life?
  • Are you compatible?

Now, ask yourself that same question again! Thank you.


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I am just curious…I really need to know!

Why is it okay for men to satisfy their insatiable sexual urges and it’s not okay for women to do same?!

Seriously, think about it peeps…Each time a man goes out, he comes in with a new wife but let a woman go out and come in with a friend…a friend O! All hell will let loose!

In the past I used to think that men married several women for their different qualities such as:

  • WIFE 1 – Beauty…as in physical beauty.
  • WIFE 2 – Intellectual ability.
  • WIFE 3 – Sexual skills…*Wink* If you know what I mean!
  • WIFE 4 – Cooking skills…all sorts of dish that comes to your mind.
  • WIFE 5 – The highly spiritual one. The Prayer Warrior, who is very updated in the latest church.
  • WIFE 6 – The Fashionista.This one can never embarrass you in any outing…always on point.
  • WIFE 7 – The Money- Shaker. This one is a career woman and keeps money coming even when the man is broke. She is well respected.

So if after having all these types of wives, how will you describe a man who goes on to have WIFE NO 8, 9, 10, and so on and so forth?!

You know, I ask this question after I saw a photo of one of Nigeria’s Music Legend, King Sunny Ade’s wives …and the look so happy together…I think!

Meet King Sunny Ade's wives2

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Out of curiosity guys (Please no vex O!), why do you guys like having ‘extra’ women? This question is not only for men who have many wives, it is also for men who have ‘concubines’ or plenty girlfriends.

Please just help me satisfy my curiosity by telling me why…because this is pure greed!





Clementine Vervelde, who is married to Nigerian Breweries CEO, Nicolas Vervelde for 23 years, last  weekend, shared her love story during the 3rd edition of the ‘Love Is Musical’ show and which she describes as the best thing that ever happened to her. *Wink* *Why won’t it be, rich handsome oyibo man*




I met my lover at the age of 22 and in two weeks he asked me to marry him and I said yes without thinking about it now that is taking a leap of faith’’ she said with an emotion laden voice.
No sex involved, I was not a virgin either just a young girl with a son. At that point till this very minute my life has changed forever, today he is a father, my lover, my support system and my best friend’ she continued.

image See as the man they look him wife with so much admiration! *I don’t blame him sha…He who has found a good wife has found a good thing!


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Why do girls do that?…When you catch your ‘man’ with another chic, instead of you to face the man, you fight the girl!…so uncool!

In some scenarios, when these happens, the guy generally sits back and ‘enjoys’ the brawl between you two. He makes no attempt at separating your fight with the other girl. What does that tell you?…The guy is a BIG IDIOT WHO DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU, in clear terms. This should tell you immediately that, the only relationship that existed, was the one in your head!

My advice to you my dear sister is that if you catch your man with another babe, just don’t say anything, just pick your remaining items in the house, as well as what is left of your dignity, and walk out. You never enter marriage and he is already disrespecting you, so what will happen if you venture to marry him! If you decide to forgive him, then be ready to be crying and fighting all the time. I hate it when girls know all this and when they get married to the same guy with loads of bad habit, they expect to make a saint out of him in a day! Meanwhile, you had enough time to ‘bail’!

Really, no man is a saint but a man that loves and respects you will keep his ‘mess’ away from you, until the day God decides to expose him.

So, girls, quit fighting with your fellow chic who apparently fell for the same lame guy with lame tricks! If he begs, forgive him, but move the hell ON!!

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