┬áNow my friends, you can quit asking me about how to add some ‘drama’ to the eyes. I’ve tried to add a video that will teach you how to draw a winged eyeliner…very easy steps to follow.

You can actually wear this look everyday. What I absolutely love about it is the drama that comes with it. Just for a moment,you feel so Indian or Chinese! *Hehehe*

Now, time for your tutorial…




I really hope these two get back together. I mean I could literally feel the spark between them.

Khloe sure knows how to love up a man, and not just a man, a black man. She keeps things in the relationship so real. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

I remember when they broke up, she was so devastated, like her world had come crashing down…and it did. She even tried dating just to get over him, but it never worked out. That’s the problem with the ‘Love bug’…when, you’ve been bitten, that’s it. Try as you may to do whatever to forget that person, it only makes you more miserable.

I guess a lot of us have been in that position of loving someone so bad that as much as you would want to hate that person when they do stuff that hurts, you can’t help but forgive…that’s love for ya! Just a ‘nasty’ feeling you can’t explain.

Anyway, thanks to Mama Kris Jenner, I heard she was or is instrumental to their comeback or plan to come back. Awww…mothers can be a pain sometimes and other times, angelic. I guess she felt her daughter’s pain (even though she really was never a Lamar-fan) but anything to make her daughter happy and smily again…Mother’s Love, awesome!

I wish them all the best..and let’s keep that Love-flag flying, no matter what!



Photo credit: Madamenoire

When I say ‘Ex’, I mean your ex- wife or husband, ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

While you are reading this, I need you to put all sentiments aside like “I’ve known him/her forever”, “He/she was my first and only boy/girlfriend”, “He is the father of my children”, “She’s the mother of my kids”, “Where will I start from?”…these are mere sentiments! And for you to really achieve that level of happiness you so desire, you need to be serious and start laying the cards on the table.


The fact that you broke up with whoever shows that there was and is a problem that can or cannot be resolved. Now he or she is begging to come back and you dare to consider it without addressing the issues on ground.

For the few minutes you’ll be reading this, I need for you not to ask for anybody’s opinion, not even your pastor or your best family members. The only person’s opinion that counts is God, if only you would allow Him to speak to you.


I tried to help with questions you should ask yourself before agreeing to take him or her back:

1. Why did you break up in the first place? Highlight the reasons, not in your head but on a piece of paper.

2. Is the problem resolvable? Is it an issue that can be harmoniously addressed between you two without involving a third party?

3. Did you both really talk about the issue before breaking up? As in, did you critically analyze the problem and possible solution on both angles? I think everyone need a fair hearing.

4. What effects does the problem have on you? Does the problem leave you physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained, and you really do not want to go back to that ‘bad’ place again?

5. Do you honestly feel the same way for him or her? Like I said, don’t take your ex- back based on sentiments, trust me, you’ll hate yourselves! …because that cup will surely be full again!

For you to be truly happy, you need to be SELFISH! This selfishness doesn’t necessarily mean hurting people you love, instead, it means your firm resolve to make your happiness a PRIORITY.