Hi Naijahousewife,

I’m not sure if you can help me with this problem but I’m hoping you can throw some light into what I’m feeling.

I’m a happily married man with a very beautiful wife and 2 cute kids. Lately, I’ve noticed that while I’m making love to my wife, I fantasize about other men. I never orgasm if I don’t imagine myself with a man.

I’m disturbed about this, knowing fully well that I was raised in a very Christian family. I really want this fantasy to end, lest it destroys my home.

*Oh my goodness, I can imagine how distressed you are. I’m not totally shocked at what you just sent me. With the rate at which homosexuality going on, straight people will soon start questioning their sexuality.

See, my dear, it’s time you see a psychologist and understand what’s going on with you. In the meantime, do not dwell on the thought, you’ll only be giving it too much importance.

Maybe you’ve been hanging out with a male buddy who makes you feel really good about yourself? Or maybe you’ve been watching some gay flicks? #justsaying

All in all, I think you should review all your activities in the recent past…maybe that would give you an insight to why you are having these feelings.



There’s this crazy feeling I get when I compare the kids of today with kids in my own time…there is a humongous difference in the way kids now think, act or speak. So much confidence or should I say ‘dare-devil’ behaviour.

So this morning (just like every other morning), they filtered into our bedroom, one after the other, starting with the youngest…it always has to start with her! *eyes rolling*

Please, allow me to digress a bit because I really need to get this off my shoulder…WHY CAN’T MY KIDS GIVE ME MY SPACE WHEN I NEED IT, ESPECIALLY IN THE MORNINGS, WHEN I’M SUPPOSED TO BE GETTING READY FOR WORK?! That’s the time they choose to watch my TV or tell me some seriously dry gist that happened the previous day! Don’t worry I’ve sort given up, because when you send one away, another strolls in. And when you’ve succeeded in sending everyone out and then give a general command that they do not come in again, they suddenly filter in at once! *SMH

Anyway, since I’m used to having them around like that…IN MY SPACE…my daughter set the conversation rolling by asking “Who a bisexual is”? She got the answer she wanted (No point hiding any information from her. We just tried to make the answer age-appropriate). Before I could say Jack Robinson, my kids brought up issues about gays and trans genders…we as parents basically had no control over this topic. They even talked about Caitlyn Jenner and other related issues.

But you know what freaked me out about all these, they are so aware!! The ease at which these issues were discussed kinda weirded me out! In my time, who born dog to even mention the word ‘Girl’ when you are a guy was forbidden and vice versa if you were a girl. And I think it’s because these sexual issues are not openly discussed, that’s why we have a lot of parents finding it difficult to provide sexuality education to their kids. For crying out loud, ‘SEX’ was a forbidden word in my time.

You won’t believe it if I tell you that up till now, I’m still a virgin O! I don’t know how God did it and I ended up with 3 kids!! 

Bottom line of all this gist, Parents please be open with your kids. Do not conceal information or else they will seek the answers somewhere else!…I’m sure you wouldn’t want that…*hehehe* Do not shut them up or else be ready to bear the consequences later on.


Okay, now I’m freaking out…this thing going on with Mr Bruce Jenner is looking seemingly true O!

First, the hair, then facial transformation and now boobs!

Please help me examine these pictures and confirm if those are boobs I see on Mr Jenner.


Source: US weekly

See another one, if you are not certain about the other pic…


Source: US weekly

So what do you people think…sebi, it’s as if?!


Lies: Anni's father Vinod has pledged to sue Dewani for not revealing his homosexuality and leading his daughter and the family into a marriage that was a sham

Shrien Dewani was accused of killing his wife Anni Dewani during the couple’s honeymoon in South Africa. The millionaire businessman was freed after a judge halted his trial. He had not even had to testify.

Judge: Dewani was found not guilty after Cape Town High Court judge Jeanette Traverso (pictured) ruled that the prosecution's case did not have sufficient evidence to convict him

The Judge

Judge Jeanette Traverso ruled that the evidence against him was ‘riddled with contradictions’. But she added that it was ‘regrettable’ that so many things remained unclear surrounding the murder of Anni, who was shot in a staged carjacking as she was driven through a notorious township four years ago.

this is why the judge set him free:

Anguish: Anni Dewani's sister Ami weeps yesterday as she talks about the decision to free Shrien Dewani 

Anni’s family, distraught!

Anni’s family fled Cape Town’s high court as the ruling was announced, and later wept as they declared: ‘The justice system has failed us.’ Her father Vinod has pledged to sue Dewani for not revealing his homosexuality and leading his daughter and the family into a marriage that was a sham.

On the court steps, Anni’s sister, Ami Denborg wept as she said: ‘The justice system has failed us. We came here looking for answers and we came here looking for the truth and all we got was more questions.

‘We never heard the full story of Shrien. We heard that Shrien has a led double life and that Anni knew nothing about it.

‘The knowledge of not ever knowing what happened to my dearest little sister on the 13th November 2010 is going to haunt me, my family, my brother, my parents for the rest of our lives.’

Dewani, who admitted sleeping with gay prostitutes during his courtship of Anni, was accused of plotting with taxi driver Zola Tongo to arrange for two hitmen to kill his new wife a fortnight after they married at a £200,000 wedding in India. Tongo, gunman Mziwamadoda Qwabe and middleman Monde Mbolombo all told the court that she was murdered at the request of her husband for a payment of £1,200. But the judge dismissed it as ‘improbable’ testimony of ‘self-confessed liars.’ She said: ‘It contained so many mistakes, lies and inconsistencies that one simply cannot know where the lies end and the truth begins.’

Culled from DAILY MAIL