Na wah O! Me and maids…when will the saga end?!

I’m not sure if I ever told you guys about my last ordeal with my most ‘efficient’ maid from Togo, who turned out to be pregnant even before she got the job… Yeah, she was pregnant… But too early for me to notice until symptoms mimicking malaria cropped up. She even had the guts to request that my Gynae hubby terminate the pregnancy for her… Trust me, I’m still trying to recover from the shock! Ooh, I forgot to mention that I’m not the only one that got a rude shock, her boyfriend got the rudest one. Apparently, the pregnancy did not even belong to him. So who the hell is the Dada?!  *I hope it’s not her master from her previous job in Lekki* #DeviousMaids

Anyway, just when I said I wasn’t having anything more to do with maids, I had a blast from the past yesterday.  One of my maids from my past employ paid me a visit, a surprise visit, begging me for a job, especially to support her education. On a good day, I don’t usually re-employ any laid off staff, but I don’t know, I’m was sort of okay with this particular one.  The only problem I had with her was that she was boy/man crazy! She really had potentials O! Let’s just say she might have been too young to settle down for the job.

Anyway, I bared my mind to her, telling her exactly what I thought about re-employing her, including my fears. She claims she has changed but I told her I don’t believe her.  She showed me her student identity card but that didn’t move me.

I eventually employed her but not as a live-in and she would only work when I was home to supervise her. Meaning, I will never leave her alone in my house except when I’m home.

Please don’t judge me,  if you were in my shoes, you will do same. At least look on the brighter side, I even told her that any shortcomings on her part will attract a reduction in her salary. I didn’t even mince words about what was expected of her.

Lol! Just remembering how the silly girl came to office so that I could release my home keys to her! Meanwhile, I had told her previously that she should come on Sunday so that I could orientate her, but she ignored it… only to show up on Monday. Anyway, I said a biggest ‘NO’. She begged and begged, that she had changed, and how matured she was, blah, blah, blah! I still maintained my biggest ‘NO’. She sat in my office until closing hours, then we went off to pick the kids.  *Hehehe*

So you guys stay tuned, while I give you an almost daily reports on my ‘poop’!



Which should come first?

Hi peeps, I am really getting confused day by day. So much is required of the single lady, especially after her 1st degree. As soon as she completes her tertiary education, parents expect that she should tie the knot, close relatives expect that she should get a job while her friends expect that she should be thinking of furthering her education.

Since, you guys are all knowing, help the ‘Single Lady’ arrange the following in order of priority:





Arrange the numbers according to the way you think it should be!


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Hi my peeps! I’ve missed you guys so much even though a lot of you have ‘monitoring spirit’! I pray for you everyday that the God I serve will ‘open’ your mouths oneday!

So much has happened in the past 18 hours but you know nah, as a housewife concern, very multitasking issue came up. For those of you who have sent me mails, please be patient and bear with me…I will try and publish all of it.

If you guys who have been consistent with the blog, you would have noticed, I just introduced a new column, ‘Marriage Testimonies’. I had to do this because a lot of families have a lot to share as expressed by their mails, and I thought it will be used as a source of inspiration for people who are going through similar situations. Some have sent me mails testifying about God’s faithfulness and mercy upon their them in their marriages, saving them from death, sickness, poverty, even divorce. My mailbox is full! Nothing is in the column now, because I still have to edit. REMEMBER I HAVE A GOVERNMENT JOB! So, it’s not easy…just make sure you encourage the blog by sharing with your friends, commenting and sharing your words of wisdom. DO NOT BE MUTE, YOU WERE NOT BORN BLIND, DEAF OR DUMB…don’t visit without leaving a mark that you were here!

To make up for the lost hours, these recharge cards are for the fastest hands:

  • AIRTEL – 3390 3382 9880 3560
  • MTN 5006 0329 7622
  • ETISALAT – 2281 1783 6323 220
  • GLO – 209 165 936 081 439

So, my faithfuls, stay tuned!


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Peeps, I just got a mail from one of you guys and she desperately needs your advice.


I am an avid reader of your blog and I need some advice, although, my issue does not have as much drama and suspense as the ones you post!

I am a single lady in my mid 30s, I have spent most of my life in Lagos. I had all my primary, secondary and tertiary education here as well. In short, I am a Lagos girl. Presently, I reside in the Northern part of Nigeria and have been for 4 years now since my transfer from Lagos.

The place I reside is more or less a ‘glorified village’ and a great big challenge for me to settle down in, I only get to see only Mallams. To make matters worse, no social life here, no place to even ‘play’ or relax…it is that bad.

I know you may ask,”why can’t she resign?” I can’t because my job is a Federal one with a pretty good pay, not to mention the job security that comes with it and other perks. As age is not on my side, my fear is that there is also no guarantee of finding my ‘husband’ and I really do not want to be reminded about my ‘singlehood’ by my married friends. Besides, all my efforts to get a transfer has been in vain, due to the pressure from my aged parents for me to resign or get a transfer back to Lagos, where there is at least a flicker of hope.

The funny thing is that even though I am entitled to a 4 week leave, is that enough to start a relationship?

My confusion is this: Should I resign to pursue my dream of getting married or stay on the job?

*My dear, if truth be told…only you can really answer this question because you are the only one who knows which is more important, staying on the job or getting married? I think you should pray more for God’s direction to show you where your husband is, whether in Lagos or in the north with any of those Mallams. LOL! For all you know, maybe your ‘husband’ is in the North! Like seriously.

Being in your mid 30s does not make you a ‘spring chicken’ so I understand your throes and woes. You don’t necessarily have to go to a club or party to find your husband! No, not at all!  Your ‘husband’ can come from anywhere. He may even be in the same office as you are. Pray sha.