You know me, I love to look at things retrospectively.

Today I woke up feeling a bit emotionally down, majorly because I hadn’t met my personal goals. But then I quickly got out of that messed up mood when I remembered the incidence that occurred in Ojuelegba some weeks back when a truck conveying containers skidded off the bridge and landed on some cars, killing people… I still shiver when I remember the lost lives.

I’m eternally to God for an opportunity of another day. I try not to think to much about what my next plan is or would be… I just flow with the flow. I work hard, play hard, pray hard and love hard. So basically, I try not to live a life of balance and no regrets.

The scary bit about life is that you never know when it’s the end… You just never know!

Still on the accident issue, I bet those guys that lost their lives where healthy people. They must have had everything going for them, but you see that’s not the point. It’s not how long but how well you live those opportunities given to you.

Even if I’m not the richest person on earth, or don’t win first place or be as famous as Bill Gates, I’m still going to remain very grateful to God and continue to work at being a better person.

So peeps, that’s what I thought of before I got out of bed today. 🙂