Na wah…talk about minding someone else’s business for them, moreso a neighbour’s own.


This lady, 58 yr old Gisele Paris, kidnapped her neighbour’s dog and had it euthanized! For those of you wondering what this word means, it simply means putting an end to someone’s suffering through the help of an authorized physician.

In this woman’s case, she thought the dog was sick and neglected…can you imagine? Meanwhile, it was the owner, Mark Boheler,  that was undergoing treatment for stage 3 cancer. The poor man cried O!


Anyway, she might be facing 10 years in jail but in the meantime she is under house arrest until she is charged.

O ga o…even in Naija, the dog matter is somehow better…what about those that mess up your marriage while claiming that they are trying to help the situation.

Photo credits: DAILY MAIL

God dey sha.