Behind every successful man, is a prayerful and resilient wife

…ever heard of this saying? It’s actually a cliché which a lot of us never really pondered on. Hmmm…

If there’s nothing I’ve learnt in my 15 years plus of marriage, I’ve learnt that truly the minute a man and a woman have formed a union before God (called Marriage), the woman is automatically bestowed with an immense power to indirectly ‘rule’ her home but the man takes the glory.

In the early years of marriage, we are completely overwhelmed by all the problems that come with marriage : emotional, financial, social and spiritual (all these will be expantiated in future posts), that we completely forget to do one thing…PRAY!

We spend so much time thinking and rethinking all our challenges, so much so we allow the devil fill our minds with the fear of the unknown. During this trying period, this unspeakable fear may push us to think, say or do things that will push us further away from God. And still, we do not PRAY!

A lot of us want our husbands to be and do a lot of things…but it’s all in our heads and not from our hearts. Because if it was truly from our hearts, we would understand that it’s not by our power or might or our husbands’ power.

It is true that our husbands can say and do things that make us not want to pray for them. They can be inconsiderate, uncaring, abusive, even negligent. But we should not let all these bad attitude block our efforts in building a happy home. God has said in His Good Book that whatever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

What we need to understand is that the devil doesn’t like union at all, especially one blessed by God! Get off your ‘shego’ (female ego) and submit all manner of bad behavior to God – alcoholism, laziness, bad temper, domestic abuse, infidelity, family negligence, etcetera etcetera.

I found out much later that marriage is not only for enjoyment ; some people start their marriages with trials and tribulations but later end in joy while some start the marriage with ‘over enjoyment’ but experience some turbulence along the journey. Sometimes our hurt and anger for our husbands does not allow our prayers work.

We are the only ones that have the power to release our husbands from whatever bondage they may be in, not even his mother’s prayer or his sister’s prayer is as powerful as ours. While we pray genuinely for our husbands, we also go through spiritual and emotional changes. Our heart becomes right, we start to unburden and become better wives.

Let us PRAY so that we start to reap the benefits. Let us form the habit of looking to God as the source of all we want to see in our in our husbands and in our marriages.

May God help us all in the bid to be happy in our marriages. Amen.



Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman have decided to split after just three years of marriage! At the least the good thing that came out of the marriage are her 2 beautiful daughters, Olive 3 and Frankie 23 months.

Let’s not forget that she was once married to Jeremy Thomas and the marriage lasted for a few weeks. Then she got married to Tom Green but a few months later, her then husband filed for a divorce.

I’m seriously trying not to be negatively judgemental but I can’t help but wonder what’s up with Drew?!  Really, if it’s not working for you after 3 men, then it’s either you are not cut out for marriage, or you have major problems!

Even though Drew’s being going on about ‘Trust’ and ‘Compromise’ …still trying to figure out what she’s talking about!

I sure hopes she finds what will truly make her happy!… And I love her O!



I’m not trying to be judgmental here but this ‘Emeka Ike’  case is a typical example of what happens to any woman who is trying to have custody over her children, after a escaping a marriage filled with Domestic Violence.

See, I know for sure 2 wrongs don’t make a right and at the same time, no woman will just wake up one day and start accusing her husband of being physically violent or otherwise. In fact, most often t than not, Nigerian women like to protect their husbands, and even cover up their mess.

But it takes only a sensible woman to save herself from a domestic violence situation, no matter the cost. It is only a woman who is alive that can try to then get her children…but from a very safe distance.

Emeka Ike’s marital issues is something I’ve been trying so hard not to talk about. What saddens me is the way society frowns at a married woman who flees from her home, no matter the reason. See how long it’s taking the court in granting the woman’s request! If a wife says she’s not interested, then she’s not interested.

And I mean the role Emeka’s mom is playing in all these ongoing brouhaha, shouldn’t shock people. Every woman should not foolishly think that it is every mother inlaw that has their backs when the chips are down! Mba nunnu! Whether she likes it or not, you are still the outsider, therefore don’t expect that she will quarrel with her son over you! It’s a matter of “soldier come, soldier go”!

Emma, Emeka’s wife, said that the last she tried to speak with her kids, it was her mother inlaw who picked the call, and asked her to read Exodus 21!

Emma has moved out of the house for over 2 years now, in which no attempt has been made by her husband to reconcile. So naturally, the poor chic had to file for a divorce. Initially, Emeka’s counsel pleaded that the court give them 6months to allow for the possibility of a settlement. But Emma has cried that it’s too long, so the court shortened it to 2weeks. *Talk about a woman who knows what she wants*

I can imagine what she endured for 12 years! I’ve never been a fan of Emeka Ike sef! There was always something creepy about him, that tended towards violence, and this his wahala has just confirmed it. There a lot of actors that share the same spot like Emeka, that I seriously suspect may be violent to their wives – Emeka Enyiocha, Jim Iyke, ehm…these are the only 2 I can remember for now.

Anyway, I would love to use this medium to personally plead with women in Domestic Violence situations to please take a cue from Emma’s situation. It’s never too late to back out! Ignore what people may say to you, nothing else matters apart from your life! Save yourself first, then worry about other things later.

One more thing, if you’ve left the house completely, never agree for a meeting with your husband in the same house that you left…it may very well be the last time you will come out alive. So don’t make that mistake. If he wants to see you, then ensure the meeting is in a public place! #JustTakingPrecautions

Have an awesome day ahead.



I don’t understand this world anymore. I mean, why would a husband, in the bid to divorce his wife, resort to killing his only child?!
That’s what Mr Kazeem Olajide did O! The only crime his wife committed was to ask her husband to hold their only child just so that she could sweep the compound. Only for her to come back to meet her baby gasping and foam gushing from her mouth. She claimed she smelt pesticide in her baby’s bottle. *How cruel!

Apparently, neighbors were not surprised this happened because, according to them, Kazeem never loved his wife and usually warned people not to refer to him as “Baba Zainab”
(Source: Punch)

The annoying thing about all these kind of heinous crimes is that the accused usually blames everything on the devil!

But peeps, let’s be sincere or Frank frank, this looks like a case of forced marriage as a result of an unplanned pregnancy. Baby mamas should learn from this situation, when an adult male is not ready to take responsibility for a pregnancy, the girl should take a cue and move on. Unplanned pregnancy shouldn’t lead to automatic marriage. A man could spite a woman for life because of this.

So ladies, if your boyfriend is not ready to accept the responsibility of the pregnancy, don’t beg him and don’t get your whole family to force him to marry you. Or else the consequences might be grave…




A woman has been living with her husband in the same house for almost 20 years. They don’t stay in the same room.  They haven’t made love in almost 15 years. He doesn’t cater to her needs or provide for her and her kids financially. But all the same, she still feeds him 3 square meals.  

On top of all these, her husband still brings prostitutes to their matrimonial home, whether or not she’s at home. Now, the woman is battling with high blood pressure and claims she’s not affected by what her husband is doing.

What advice do you have for her?