6:45 am

Wow! Feels good to write again…after months of hiatus. 

Within these months, I’ve been chasing my dreams, as well as investing in my future…very necessary. (Nobody knows tomorrow) 

I’ve finally come to a conclusion that I work best in the wee hours of the morning and probably very late at night when the whole house is asleep. It’s also important that I know this because once the day breaks, time moves so fast…and before I can even comprehend what’s going on, the day is over… And you are left with this feeling of unaccomplishment. 

So, I’ve decided on a strategy to reach my goal faster; Resilience. Well, I’ve always had it… It’s genetic but I’m going to further improve on it. God has revealed my purpose to me and I intend to accomplish and live it, whether my ‘enemies’ like it or not. 

What I’ve done is to also identify what my problems are, probed deeper into those problems, and have decided on a lasting solution to them. 

So, having done my meditation… My day begins now!  *stick around