A lot of babes can manage for Africa! Seriously, jokes apart, you have no reason hanging around these kind of men… They are recipes for disaster in a relationship.

Some chics just block their eyes to reasoning and would have committed themselves completely before they realise it’s too late.

Explain to me why girls will hang around men like these:
1. THE MAN-CHILD: He is lazy and unmotivated. He is only too happy getting freebies from close family and friends. Because everything works out for him, he expects his luck to lead him far. So if you are going to date this kind of guy, don’t expect much or anything from him… You’ll die waiting. He works on the precept that people have his back.

2. THE UNREPENTANT LIAR: He lies about everything, even his name. This guy that lies blatantly will not be faithful to you. All his girlfriends will suddenly be his cousins, sisters, colleagues, you name it. This type of guy will definitely deny you when the time comes. If you venture to marry this type, your marriage is surely doomed for failure. Don’t even expect him to put food on the table, because he may not have a job he claims to have.

3. ONE THREATENED BY YOUR SUCCESS : This kind of guy will accuse of cheating on him especially when he sees how busy you are…replying emails, answering long phone calls, or going for business trips. If you never run short of cash, he is fast to accuse you of a phantom boyfriend taking care of you. This guy never stops checking your messages or invading your privacy. Well, if you decide to go ahead and marry him, be ready to be a victim of domestic violence.



I really shouldn’t be going overboard about this, but whatever!…the feeling of knowing your son is chic crazy is just awesome.

As much as I have nothing against MWLM or BWLB, I’d rather stick to the old fashioned way of a guy being girl-crazy. With all the sex change and sexual orientation thingy going on these days, I won’t lie it sort of got me bothered a bit, wondering if my son would wake up one day and tell me otherwise and really what are am I going to do about it?…hate him? most definitely not!

You know, after I picked him up from school and we were driving home together, I felt super-cool knowing that my soon to be 12 year old was opening up to me about his girl-troubles (While I was screaming inside of my head, “See this boy, is this what you are supposed to be talking about?!”), but I listened to him patiently until he got all the problems off his chest about this new chic in his class. Lol!

I thank God we were able to talk about it, mentioning how important it was for him to still maintain the good cool boy character (at least that’s what most chics would like, a guy they felt comfortable hanging around with) and of course stressed on the most important things…his books, education, studies, whatever you want to call it.

The truth is that, if I had shied away from listening to his problems, it would still bother him and would affect his studies (does day-dreaming ring a bell?), and eventually he could get the wrong advice from friends with questionable family values…so, it’s was better we talked about it. Phew! 

The other day, he was really upset that a friend of his was talking to a girl he was crushing on!…Like seriously?!…very upset O! Trust me, it took a whole lot of talking and reasoning before he got himself back on track!

His sister raised an important and interesting observation though…which sort of got me concerned. She noticed that my son had this thing for pretty plus-sized girls! And I agreed with her, because even I have noticed same too. Hmmmm…and I’m thinking “Is he looking for his mummy’s look alike?! He vehemently denied the allegations. Well, we’ll just have to be more observant.

All in all, I might need to tighten my belt with what lies ahead in this ‘Girl-trouble Drama’. Whatever he’s feeling…he shouldn’t just make me a Grandma until God’s own appointed time!


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Dear NHW,

Please I need your advice on this my relationship that doesn’t seem to be moving an inch!

I have been dating this guy for almost 5 years now and I don’t feel we are making headway in this relationship. I am in my late 20s and the pressure on me to settle down is getting too much. My fiance is in his mid 30s and has a good job, so I still can’t figure out what the problem is.

A year after we started dating, the complaints began. He complained that he didn’t like my dressing, I now wear what he wants me to wear. He said he didn’t like the friends I hung out with, I have dropped most of them. He said I argue too much, I just listen now. He said my hair was always untidy, that I don’t look presentable, now I look over presentable. He complained that my work was taking too much of our time together, NHW, I am now jobless because of him.

Recently, I just enrolled into a catering school, though he hasn’t complained about my cooking, I just felt I should perfect it before he starts complaining. Since last month, I have been watching football channel with him after he complained that I don’t like the programs he likes.

Please what do you think? Should I just move on because me, I am tired of his complaining.


*Dear blog reader, I must commend you for your patience and tolerance. It is ladies like you that definitely make heaven. Lol! You even tried to last this long! But really, it’s either this fiance of yours is a natural complainant or he is just not into you! If I were you, I will pack what is left of my belongings in his possessions and run! This guy doesn’t sound like someone who is ready to settle down…at least not with you.

So my advice is for you to MOVE ON!!



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Come on gurl…like seriously?! That’s a huge No! No! from my end!

Unless except …if all you want is just a one night stand. #justsaying But if you are considering the probability of making him a part of your future, then I wouldn’t advise you sleep with him on the first date…even if your pants are on fire!

It’s always nice to not only keep him panting but to save the best for last. If sex is delayed, he gets to know the real you, not through your panties! The more you delay sex, the more conversation he has with you unknowingly because, really all he has on his mind is sex, so for him to have that hot sex, he just has to continue the conversation!

If the ‘situation’ is getting really hot, then excuse yourself and ‘relocate’ to where ever…just leave before you start saying someone’s name!

I don’t particularly believe that LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT happens for guys, maybe for girls, yes, but for guys it’s LUST AT FIRST SIGHT! It’s when they explore what they are lusting for, and if they like, it could transform to LOVE.

So help him appreciate the ‘real’ you.

What you could possibly do on the first date is to use all your ‘cerebral’ power to keep him captivated. So to him, you not only have beauty, you have brains! Most guys like the blend of beauty and brains. But if you know you do not have anything up there, it’s only by God’s grace he remembers you or asks you out again!


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I know you are single and searching but please whatever you do, let it not be a married man.

I know you want financial stability or a better still a ready made man, just don’t let it be with a married man.

I know you want need an older person who is mentally and emotionally mature but not with a married man.

These married men will only leave you high and dry. They are not interested in your future. You are an ‘escape route’ for them from the occasional chaos in their family and work life.

They are constantly in their best behaviour, therefore making you see only their ‘good’ side, so to speak.

Let me explain to you what you don’t understand about insisting on this unyielding relationship and why you think you cannot do without him…If you don’t live with somebody 24-7, you can never really see his horrible side. And if it is only the good side you see, it constantly leaves both of you in a constant ‘honeymoon’ phase. You both will almost always gush about yourself, with a continuous flow of hormones, which will keep your heart and ‘punani’ (excuse my french) raging! *If you don’t believe me, ask his wife!*

But lemme just ask you single girls, is it that you don’t have any plan for your future? Is this how you want to live the rest of your life, eating crumbs from another woman’s table? Even if you decide to do a grand ‘appearance’ at his home unannounced, you know what?…he will never marry you! That guy you are dating, and who is married is nothing but a TIME WASTER!

I know there are some of you who have ‘mistakenly’ fallen for married men and your conscience is seriously bugging you, but you don’t know how to break free from this bondage, here are some tips that may help you!

  1. Start exposing your ‘real’ self. Show him your bad sides. Start nagging, complaining…make it a habit exclusively for him!
  2. Start asking for more money, not for you to give your friends a treat, but for you to start saving. Yg youou are planning to leave him, so you need ‘pension’!
  3. Ask Demand that you spend more time with him, even when you know it is not convenient. In fact, call him at inappropriate times…trust me, he will end it with you!
  4. Start making yourself available for other men. Stop declining dates from people who like you.
  5. Why are you settling for less? You deserve more, end the relationship today.

As for you single girls who have sworn to continue this fruitless journey, hate me now and thank me later. Read from someone who is in your shoes now.