This is not funny anymore, the way the government is handling the cases of violence against women and the girl child.

I’m talking particularly about the recent case of the 15 year old primary 5 pupil who was gang-raped by 5 men in Bariga, Lagos.

This bastardy act was masterminded by a useless tailor who has always made advances towards her, but she always turned down. What was the ‘crime’ she committed?

In her own words…

“I am in Primary five, but I am also an apprentice in a hairdressing shop. I was given a piece of cloth by my boss on January 6, and I needed a tailor to sew it for me. Mr. Femi said he would assist me and I gave him the cloth.

“But when I went to him to take my clothes, he told me that he wanted to date me. When the pestering did not stop, I let go of the clothes and stopped communicating with him.

“On Monday, January 11, around 8pm, our landlord’s son called me that Abidoye, a neighbour, was looking for me. It was not the first time that I would go to the man’s house to run errands for him or his wife, so I thought he wanted to send me on an errand.

“But on entering the room, I discovered it was dark and the man was not around. As I turned back to go, a group of five men, led by the tailor, grabbed me and blocked my mouth. They took turns to rape me. The whole thing lasted for about one hour.”

As usual, even when her father reported the case to the Police, the case was discharged almost immediately. The victim’s visit or attendance to the Mirabel Centre wasn’t and hasn’t been productive!… Well apart from the ‘flimsy’ medical tests done. I personally feel that Mirabel centre should provide much more than medical tests. The victim’s psychological state is of utmost importance while she awaits the so-called justice!

I still can’t understand why the government won’t take this rape matter seriously… Is it because they have never had a daughter or sister raped?

Well, my take on this is that, anyone in government who has the authority to bring culprits to book and who doesn’t, will henceforth suffer what the victims suffer and much more. For every case of rape not judged, who ever is in authority will ‘hear’ it. This is not a curse but a fact. #My God doesn’t sleep. He is a Just God.




Just look at what a husband and wife, Mr Francis and Chibuzor Onyeji, did to a 13 year old girl, who is supposed to be the woman’s niece.

Apparently, the girl was brought in as a maid. While Mrs Onyeji was busy beating her black and blue, Mr Onyeji, was busy having sex with her!

Last weekend, Mrs Onyeji was arrested for burning the JSS 2 student’s body parts with an intentionally heated knife, done over a stove. This happened after she discovered that her husband had been having carnal knowledge of the girl for 2years in exchange for money. Meaning that the retarded husband would give the little girl between N1,000 and N1,500. The stupid woman even accused the poor girl of lying against her husband.

Now, the fool of a husband is on the run!

I don’t understand why these media people cannot tarnish the image of these culprits or others in similar misbehavior. They should be exposing them, so that we, the masses, can have a clear picture of the ‘bad eggs’ among us.

Another thing that seriously irritates me, is how women are fast to defend their lying and cheating, child-molester husband. Instead of them to investigate the matter and bring their husbands to book, they carry out their transferred aggression on the innocent victims.

Please I’m begging the government to make sure that this couple experience the full wrath of the law!!


Kirikiri areaOur government should start taking more drastic measures in punishing offenders like Obinna Ekusaba, a possessed 38-year-old motorcyclist! He was recently arrested for raping a primary six pupil for six months in the Kirikiri area of Lagos State.

How can a full grown man be sleeping with girls young enough to be their daughters! God will punish you people O!

Mothers, not even fathers self, please start telling your daughters the whole truth about dangers that they are likely to face as they get older. Be completely open with them, don’t hold anything back. If you can’t do it, get trained people to do it for you.

This useless Ekusaba who usually cigarette and alcoholic drinks from the victim’s shop, lured her away to bring a bottle of drink into an uncompleted building in the motor park.

According to the victim,

“Brother Obinna (Ekusaba) used to buy cigarette, water and alcoholic drinks from my mother’s shop. Last year, I was in my mother’s shop when Brother Obinna called me to bring a bottle for him inside the building. On getting there, he put his hand inside his pocket and brought out N500; he asked me to enter. But I told him my daddy used to give me N500. He then brought out N1,000. As I entered the building, he removed my pants and put his private parts inside my own. After he removed it, I demanded the money and he brought it out. As I was about to collect it, he put it back inside his pocket. That was how Brother Obinna started sleeping with me.”

The girl self don spoil finish!!

Her mother claims she found out while giving the girl a bath, when she noticed that her fingers were entering the girl’s vagina freely!

My questions for mama are:

1. What are you doing bathing an 11 year old girl?

2. Why in God’s name would you be washing the insides of her vagina?

Then the idiot gave his own version,

“I came to Lagos 10 years ago and I started riding motorcycle. I know the complainant as the mother of the victim. She is like a sister to me. I have been making love with her daughter for long. When we started, I told her I would buy something for her, but I didn’t buy her anything. I slept with her five times. Each time I wanted to sleep with her, I would carry her on my lap. It was on the fifth time that I could penetrate. I slept with her at a car park. I did it during the day and night inside the park. I know I have committed an offence.”

Mothers, please wake up from your slumber!!

Story culled from PUNCH


Family: The couple's two teenage daughters, Georgia and Audrey, will join their parents for the interview

Not only did she start an affair with her 12 year old pupil, Mary Kay Letourneau, 53, got pregnant for him. She was caught and thrown into jail quite alright. The first time, she spent just a few months, got out and got pregnant for him a second time, within weeks of getting out. This time, been a second time, she was thrown into jail to serve 7 years (which, as far as I am concerned was not enough).

According to DAILY MAIL,

The pair originally met when he was in her second grade class and then she taught him again in sixth grade in 1996.

As she taught him, their relationship turned sexual and a friend of her husband’s ultimately went to the police with his suspicions.

But before she was arrested, she fell pregnant with the boy’s child and gave birth to his first daughter, Audrey, while she was on bail in May 1997 while waiting for the outcome of her trial.

At home: The couple is pictured with their daughters as they drive near their home near Seattle in 2005

She was sentenced to six months in county jail – although three were suspended – and was ordered to have no contact with the boy.

But weeks after he release, she was found having sexual relations with him in her car and fell pregnant with their second daughter.

Going strong: The couple will talk about how they've stayed together despite the 21-year age gap

Letourneau gave birth to the baby while she was in jail after being sentenced to an additional seven-and-a-half years behind bars.

She was released from jail in August 2004 and Fualaau, who was then 21, asked the court to have the no-contact order overturned, which it was.

The couple got married a year later at a Washington winery – when she was 43 and he was 22. They have been together ever since.

Letourneau also made headlines last year after she was booked into Washington’s King County Jail for failing to go to court following a 2013 third-degree charge of driving on a suspended license.

Sickening story…don’t you think?! Makes you wonder if our kids are safe in school these days!



This matter is becoming really serious… Child Sexual Abuse. Even if you are not a child, as an adult, don’t just speak out, shout out!

A lot of kids are falling victims of sexual abuse, especially in the hands of people they are quite familiar with…their parents (don’t be shocked), their close relatives, siblings, friends, neighbors, even gatemen and housekeepers.

Sexual abuse can be in any form, from touching the child inappropriately to exposing the child to pornographic materials to even watching the child.

My main concern is the way some parents are handling this issue. It has not happened to your kids does not mean it may not, God forbid. But parents, especially mothers need to be more vigilant and cautious to prevent unwanted incidences like these.

Here are some preventive tips which you may find helpful to protect your kids:

1. Teach your kids the first rule about life…Not to trust anyone. Don’t just stop there, share life experiences with them to buttress your point.

2. Teach your daughters not to sit on anyone’s lap or hug any ‘uncle’ readily. Tell them what may happen if they do that…and please don’t mince words with them. Stop leaving things to their imagination.

3. Teach your kids, whether boy or girl, not to be anywhere alone with just any adult apart from father or siblings…not even uncle or aunt.

4. Parents, stop sending your daughters to call any uncle or driver from the boys quarters. Send your son or better still, go yourself.

5. Teach your kids ways in which they can be lured into sexual molestation… Sweets, biscuits, money, etc…in short, curb their ‘long throats’.

6. Advice your kids against ‘Mummy and Daddy’ games with their peers and any adult.

7. Remove every fear of them reporting, if they are ever touched inappropriately. In short, teach them to shout out no matter the threat. Let the kids know what these idiots may say to prevent them from talking.

8. Teach your kids not to use lonely paths or short cuts home. They should avoid greeting people on the road. Even if they know these people, they shouldn’t stop to greet.
9. Mothers, how you dress your girls up matter a lot. As they get older, try to dress them up in more modest clothes, at least that should reduce unnecessary advances. A lot of you may not agree with me, that will be your own cup of tea…at least you won’t say I didn’t warn you.

10. Finally, parents, ensure you keep the communication line open between your kids and yourselves. Learn to always ask about their day, who they spent time with, who bullied them and who they bullied. Very importantly, for your younger kids, ask who may have touched them inappropriately.

Please, I am begging all parents out there, let’s join forces any little way we can to watch out for these kids, even if they are not yours.