This story may be stale to you but it’s a problem that will continue to haunt our ‘Girl Child’ if nothing is done about it now!

I’m not only sickened and disgusted by this story (real for that matter) but I’m totally saddened by the manner in which the family members, not to mention the police, treated this case. It’s something we need to follow up on.

I read that this unfortunate human being (picture above), who claims to be a father, has been sexually molesting his 7year old daughter.

In the girl’s words,

“My daddy usually gives me money after touching my private part or putting his penis in my mouth.”

How can a father be so vile evil?!

Even the child’s mother testified to it,

“Last year, my son told me that his younger sister was fond of playing with her private parts”

What does one expect the resultant effect of this horrible act to be?! When a child starts fondling herself unnecessarily, that’s the time to start asking and investigating.

The woman even tried by reporting to the Police but guess what?… Family members rebuked her for doing so? They forced her to withdraw the case, claiming that it was a family issue! MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS

What is family issue about this matter… It is a criminal case, pure and simple!

*I got this gist from Amebo app, who got it from Vanguard I think! *



This gist is old I know, but should act as a reminder to parents who choose to torture their children in the name of punishments. For all you know that punishment could end up being fatal. Once a life is gone, it can’t be taken back.

This 5 year old was killed by her father and step-mother (wicked witch) by making her drink about 2.4litres of grape soda in less than 2 hours! This is more than what an average adult would consume in a day, not even soda, water!!


What was her crime? Just because she ‘stole’ some of the soda!

The poor girl suffered massive seizures, after urinating and vomiting on herself. The fluid caused her brain to swell and herniate (please check your dictionary).

End result of all these…she died. Anyways, the couple have been sentenced to 35 years imprisonment! As far as I am concerned, it’s not enough. Life imprisonment would have made more sense.

My advice? Parents need to control their temper better. It’s best not to punish your child when you’re most upset or else you may end up regretting your actions. Just walk away from that child or ask the child to leave your presence until you are much calmer. Then revisit the issue or the problem child.


May her gentle soul rest in peace . Amen.

I hope we’ve all learnt.

Great day ahead.



Just look at what a husband and wife, Mr Francis and Chibuzor Onyeji, did to a 13 year old girl, who is supposed to be the woman’s niece.

Apparently, the girl was brought in as a maid. While Mrs Onyeji was busy beating her black and blue, Mr Onyeji, was busy having sex with her!

Last weekend, Mrs Onyeji was arrested for burning the JSS 2 student’s body parts with an intentionally heated knife, done over a stove. This happened after she discovered that her husband had been having carnal knowledge of the girl for 2years in exchange for money. Meaning that the retarded husband would give the little girl between N1,000 and N1,500. The stupid woman even accused the poor girl of lying against her husband.

Now, the fool of a husband is on the run!

I don’t understand why these media people cannot tarnish the image of these culprits or others in similar misbehavior. They should be exposing them, so that we, the masses, can have a clear picture of the ‘bad eggs’ among us.

Another thing that seriously irritates me, is how women are fast to defend their lying and cheating, child-molester husband. Instead of them to investigate the matter and bring their husbands to book, they carry out their transferred aggression on the innocent victims.

Please I’m begging the government to make sure that this couple experience the full wrath of the law!!


Family: The couple's two teenage daughters, Georgia and Audrey, will join their parents for the interview

Not only did she start an affair with her 12 year old pupil, Mary Kay Letourneau, 53, got pregnant for him. She was caught and thrown into jail quite alright. The first time, she spent just a few months, got out and got pregnant for him a second time, within weeks of getting out. This time, been a second time, she was thrown into jail to serve 7 years (which, as far as I am concerned was not enough).

According to DAILY MAIL,

The pair originally met when he was in her second grade class and then she taught him again in sixth grade in 1996.

As she taught him, their relationship turned sexual and a friend of her husband’s ultimately went to the police with his suspicions.

But before she was arrested, she fell pregnant with the boy’s child and gave birth to his first daughter, Audrey, while she was on bail in May 1997 while waiting for the outcome of her trial.

At home: The couple is pictured with their daughters as they drive near their home near Seattle in 2005

She was sentenced to six months in county jail – although three were suspended – and was ordered to have no contact with the boy.

But weeks after he release, she was found having sexual relations with him in her car and fell pregnant with their second daughter.

Going strong: The couple will talk about how they've stayed together despite the 21-year age gap

Letourneau gave birth to the baby while she was in jail after being sentenced to an additional seven-and-a-half years behind bars.

She was released from jail in August 2004 and Fualaau, who was then 21, asked the court to have the no-contact order overturned, which it was.

The couple got married a year later at a Washington winery – when she was 43 and he was 22. They have been together ever since.

Letourneau also made headlines last year after she was booked into Washington’s King County Jail for failing to go to court following a 2013 third-degree charge of driving on a suspended license.

Sickening story…don’t you think?! Makes you wonder if our kids are safe in school these days!


It’s really sad when you read stories like this. You can’t help but wonder what men like these were thinking when they defile their daughters.


See the excuse a 45 year old father, Abubakar Magaji from Bauchi, gave for doing such to his 11year old:
“I engaged in the ugly act because I had a misunderstanding with my wife and she left me. I am ashamed  of my self because it was temptation that led me to do it.

“I divorced her mother and married another wife but unfortunately  my wife also left me a month ago  so I needed a woman to be with; so that was why I did it. I also have a problem with my sexual libido. It is so terrible that I desire any woman I see, but what stops me from approaching them is that people respect me as a married man. So I felt the only way I could relieve my sexual tension was to sleep with my daughter, since she is so young and had no knowledge about sex.

“It was after I defiled her and I was arrested by the police that I understood the gravity of my offence. I can’t imagine that I did this to my own daughter. I regret my actions and I pray that God will forgive me”.

What an excuse! What is so tempting about sleeping with your own daughter?!