Happy New Month peeps!

I know I should have wished you this yesterday but I had exams, and by the time I was done, I was totally spent.

For those of you who are interested in this weight-loss journey with me, remember it kicks off this month of August, yesterday to be precise.

Click here to see the schedule of daily exercises, if you missed the post on it.

Lest I forget, make sure you indicate your accountability on my facebook page, Naijahousewife. You must show some form of proof…like taking a photograph of yourself. The person who remains loyal to the end, will surely get a price…not saying what it is, but it’s worth it! I intend to appreciate that person because it’s not easy O! Even me, I know I might not be able to sustain the ‘torture’.


May this month bring great tidings to you and yours. This month will be full of testimonies for you and yours. Amen.

So let’s sit back and enjoy the ride!

Loads of love…muah!