Breastmilk is one of God’s greatest gift to mankind. Mothers and children, even fathers benefit from breast milk.

I know we all know the benefits of breastmilk, but the issue is that, is your child really benefiting from it?

I’ve watched mothers over the years breastfeed their infants, unfortunately, they do it wrongly. I’m not even talking about the technique of breastfeeding but the length of time mothers allow their infants spend feeding.

Let me just help you mothers understand that, the breast milk has 2 parts to it : the foremilk and the hindmilk. The foremilk, is the milk that the child sucks first and contains more water and less fat. While the hindmilk is the ‘koko’! This part of milk contains mostly fat and little or no water. This part of the milk will make your baby, if not fat but healthy.

So what am I trying to say? I’m basically telling you mothers that the longer you breastfeed your child on a particular breast, the better for you and your baby.

A lot of mothers are always in a hurry to ‘pack’ their breasts as soon as the baby takes a break or when they feel a little relief on the breast. If you do this, then you have succeeded in feeling your baby up with more water than food! That’s why a lot of babies get hungry easily and mothers get frustrated crying that their babies are always hungry or that they are not putting on weight!

Now, you can quit complaining and do the right thing. Try to spend at least 30minutes on a breast…even if it looks like the baby is asleep but the nipple is still hanging in his or her mouth!



I’m still flabberwhelmed as to how a child could be so stuck on the breasts, so much so he can’t tell the difference between real from fake. 

I’ve actually seen something similar to this happen, but in this case, the woman was real and the toddler’s mom. The toddler being about 2 years plus was playing, running around with his peers, when I think he got thirsty. He just strolled to where his mom was sitting with other women, lifted her blouse, pulled out a boob, and started sucking while standing! #TalkAboutHavingARefreshingDrink


The chaos of motherhood laid bare: Mum-of-two Elisha Wilson Beach, from Los Angeles, shared this photo of herself breastfeeding her toddler daughter while on the toilet. The image has since gone viral


This picture of of a woman breastfeeding her toddler while sitting on the toilet, is trending presently on the web.

A lot of people have basically been bashing and criticizing her, basically for not taking into consideration the ‘hygiene’ aspect of breastfeeding her child.

I personally do not see anything wrong with what is going on in the picture. People generally are judgmental by nature, therefore, they are entitled to their opinion.

Some of you who have gone through motherhood and breastfeeding, will testify that there are just some kids who don’t give a rat’s a@#$e about where they breastfeed. In fact, some infants don’t leave you with any choice! There are some babies that make you wonder where they dropped from…so damn NOISY! and they sure know how to raise those beats!!

For all you know, the father of the child( who by the way is TV actor Michael Beach, known for his roles on Sons of Anarchy, Third Watch and ER), must have tried holding the child till mum was done…but some kids just congenitally lack PATIENCE!

If we really need to be critically objective about this situation, then lets also note that some of these people who are bashing this woman, could have far much dirtier habits that could set off an epidemic…so, let’s not just go there!

Kudos to all the #SuperMoms #BreastFeedingMoms …at least we are generous with the breast and the milk!



Okay, really, I’m beginning to get bothered about the general mental state of people…especially in China!

Chinese police have discovered a website where adults pay to drink breast milk from ‘milk mamas’. The sites charge up to £5,000 a month to gain access to the database. However, for an extra £1,000, customers could access another list of ‘impure’ feeders, who offer sessions which also involve sex. Adding sex to it, was a way to guarantee regular customers.


It was discovered that nursing mothers actually gave up breastfeeding their babies to meet the demands of the adults or some would breastfeed once a day.

A lot of men are said to patronize these services, especially the rich. They claim that apart from it being a luxury, it has healing powers. The adult clients either drink directly from the BREAST or they take it from the breast pump if they feel embarrassed.

Culled from Daily Mail

*Puking right now! You men should be tortured by ISIS!*