Now my son is beginning to freak me out! Ever since he started saving his weekly allowance, he has taken it to another level.

The annoying part is that even when they are on holiday, he thinks he should still get his weekly allowance! He practically ‘bends’ my arm to get a weekly allowance…of course, I don’t pay attention to his ‘greed’…no school is no school!

Just the other day, when I went to pick him up, he suddenly requested if I could get him some snacks and then I replied, “But Daddy, you have money now…use your money!”

“Aagh No O, mummy! Don’t worry, I’ll manage!” he said, feeling defeated.

I just shook my head and continued, “You don’t have to be too hard on yourself you know. Spend some and save some!”

“You mean, more like, Spend none and save all!” He retorted.

“I hope you don’t end up being a ‘Gringe'” I said finally.

But on the flip side, I’m proud of him. I’m glad I delayed giving him access to money until now. He’s more mature and definitely understands the value of money. If anyone ever told me that my son would trade sweets and everything edible for savings, I would have done that person in!

Like I’ve always shared with some of my friends, it doesn’t make sense giving a schoolchild money when you know definitely they won’t use it wisely. If they are not buying sweets, they are buying some ‘razz’ biscuits or some rejected china chocolates! At the end of the day, it’s you the parent that will suffer the consequences of an unhealthy child. What would it take a parent to prepare healthy meals for their school child?!

Anyway, I think if parents delayed giving their kids money too early in life, the kids will at the end of the day, will learn the art of saving and spending.


The victims

Even the name says it all! How can people be so naive?! Now the bank has dealt with them in a wondrous way!…Sorry, all of you that are affected.

I hear the bank is located at Oniyangi, near the Emir Road, Ilorin, the Kwara State capital and lots of the indigenes invested quite a lot in the so-called bank. The owners promised investors huge financial returns if they deposited a substantial amount in the bank.

Trust Naija peeps…they operate on ‘magic’ things and ‘get rich quick’ syndrome!

People invested between N450,000 to N1,000,000.

This situation, as far as I am concerned, happens to greedy people! I’m sorry I sound harsh…but it’s true.

Who remembers the case of the Hypnotists that parade the streets of Lagos, claiming that they can either double your money or change it to another currency?

Peeps, please be careful. Whatever information you get and want to use, check out its authenticity on the internet. The internet has a way of exposing some fraudsters.

You can read the full story here in PUNCH 



Photo credit: PM News

There is a new twist to the divorce drama between a married bank manager of a new generation bank, Mrs Blessing Ifeanyi-Okpoko and her husband, Ifeanyi Kenneth Okpoko after the husband alleged that Blessing fled her matrimonial home after he discovered her secret marriage to another banker, Kelvin Ugwuoke in Dubai.

An embittered Ifeanyi said, Blessing and Ugwuoke who is the risk manager at a new generation on Lagos Island, secretly went to Dubai with few friends and formalised their marriage union before returning to Nigeria.


Photo credit: PM News

He lamented that while Blessing was still in his house she got married to someone else. He stated that when the information of her wedding got to him with photographs, he confronted her with his evidence but was shell shocked that she was not sober.

This prompted Blessing to move out of Ifeanyi’s house at Ajao estate to Lekki area where Ugwuoke reportedly has a property.

*But guys, check it nah…Lekki versus Ajao…which one smells of better money?!  This story sha, is not complete. No Nigerian woman will be in a real matrimonial home and then get married to another…it is either her estranged husband is not legally married to her or there is really nothing binding them. In this time and age, traditional marriage alone is not enough!* Maybe Kelvin is one of those guys that leave engagement ring permanently on the finger! 

Culled from PM NEWS


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As much as a wife trusts God and has faith in Him, she really doesn’t have control over her mood when she’s broke!
It’s quite scary when you know that your very demanding kids may need stuff at any point in time and you just can’t give it to them. When you even try to explain, they choose not to understand your ‘gibberish’!
I still don’t understand why kids’ demand rate is higher when you are ‘financially raped flat’!
Yesterday, while I was picking my kids from school, my first daughter gave a list of her ‘Mummy, I want’s and I simply asked her “Why don’t you just get it that I AM BROKE?!”
My last daughter feeling sorry for her older sister retorted, “Mummy, why do you say that all the time? You can rob a bank! Parents do that for their kids!”
Now, I hope for her sake, that was a joke right?!…it had to be. Anyway, I chose to ignore her.


Much later that day, I was suddenly all chatty chatty and generally laughing at my son’s dry jokes (yeah, they can be that dry! I’ve told him to work on them)…he suddenly looks at me and says, “Mummy, you’re acting all weird! Lemme guess…You have seen money!”

And I am like…Waaat? This guy is sooo right!
…I got an alert that said ‘MONEY’…Yay!!