The victims

Even the name says it all! How can people be so naive?! Now the bank has dealt with them in a wondrous way!…Sorry, all of you that are affected.

I hear the bank is located at Oniyangi, near the Emir Road, Ilorin, the Kwara State capital and lots of the indigenes invested quite a lot in the so-called bank. The owners promised investors huge financial returns if they deposited a substantial amount in the bank.

Trust Naija peeps…they operate on ‘magic’ things and ‘get rich quick’ syndrome!

People invested between N450,000 to N1,000,000.

This situation, as far as I am concerned, happens to greedy people! I’m sorry I sound harsh…but it’s true.

Who remembers the case of the Hypnotists that parade the streets of Lagos, claiming that they can either double your money or change it to another currency?

Peeps, please be careful. Whatever information you get and want to use, check out its authenticity on the internet. The internet has a way of exposing some fraudsters.

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