First of all, I would love to congratulate Mavin’s D’Prince on the birth of his son by his baby mama.

Secondly, I’m not too comfortable with the statement he made on social media,
“There comes a time when a boy has to become a MAN. The love of my life just gave me a bouncing baby boy. To God be the glory. Now I feel my life has a purpose. To live for my boy.”

If you guys don’t see anything wrong with this statement, I see everything wrong with it! I smell rat! So is he saying that before he had the baby, his life had no purpose? Is he saying also that, his baby mama has no place in his heart, before the baby and after the baby?

These guys sef… Before they taste a girl’s ‘meow’, they speak in 7 languages until they taste it and woe betide any girl that gives it too soon, she’ll so take the back seat or no seat in his life!

Moral of this gist is that, girls should shine their eyes!




But this chic ugly!


You guys know me (at least I think you do in my mind) and you know I’m usually a bubbly kind of girl. But today I’m sad, because I can’t understand how it’s possible for a woman to give birth to a bouncing baby boy after many years of infertility, and then she suddenly goes ‘mad’, never to breastfeed the childimage

.Yes, that’s the news that was brought to me this morning. I know this couple, awesome prayerful couple. They’ve been in God’s waiting room for almost 18 years, until God finally answers their prayer.

I believe that there is more to it than meets the eye. I even heard that a pastor was invited to pray for her and as soon as she sighted him, her ‘madness’ even increased, to the extent of wanting to remove her¬† clothes and run into the streets!

Let me whisper to you guys that the man is a wealthy man in his prime and practically fends for his relatives who live with him.

I am afraid that his people may be behind this. I’ve watched in a Nigerian movie where a man’s blood brother was behind the death of his children so that he could fully partake in the man’s wealth.

*N kan mbe*

So tell me peeps, am I wrong in thinking this? One thing is sure, the truth will surely prevail. The devil may think it has dominion over this lovely family, but it has failed! Devil you are a liar! The good Lord will definitely restore this woman to good health so that she can breastfeed and take care of her family. Her husband is so distraught.

She has been admitted as a psychiatric patient and there is nothing doctors haven’t used to calm her down, but to no avail. Look, I’m a doctor and when I see a ‘spiritual’ case, I recognize it immediately.

Please do not leave this page without typing a word of prayer for her.


The 33-year-old was stunned to fall pregnant again after being told she was infertile

In a normal situation, I should rejoice with her…unfortunately, I have mixed feelings about this whole gist.

Before I start airing my views on her situation, let me just tell you how this lady ended up in this ‘happy’ situation.

This is 33 year old Nadine. She already has four kids (from left, Trae, 13, Roxanne, 18, Zion, 9 and Joshua, 1)

Set to become seven siblings: Nadine Crooks who is expecting triplets pictured with her four children, from left, Trae (13), Roxanne (18), Zion (9) and Joshua (1)

Doctors said she would never be able to conceive naturally again after cysts were found on both her swollen ovaries.

She stopped taking the Pill and was stunned when she fell pregnant for a fifth time last November. Nadine has been told she is now expecting two boys and a girl with her 35-year-old partner, who did not want to be named.

Are you guys feeling what I’m feeling? The guy responsible for this pregnancy is just a ‘partner’!…not cool. I hate it when women do this sort of thing to themselves. I mean, I would advice any woman in her position to concentrate on taking care of herself rather than be a baby factory!…not funny!

Nadine with her four children said they are all amazed that she's set to have three more
Courtesy Daily Mail