Owolabi Akindujoye

Source: Vanguard

Remember this guy, Owolabi Akindujoye, whose story was sent as a broadcast on Blackberry messenger, about how he had an accident and was in coma, and how people could help in contacting his relatives.

Well, good news is that, he is out of coma and doing very well.

Apparently, he wasn’t even a student as it was initially presumed.

Owolabi Akindujoye, is a 19 year old bus conductor, who usually sleptĀ under a bridge in the Oshodi area of the state before the incident. He fell into a coma after being involved in anĀ auto crash on the Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos State.

Since his admission at St. Nicholas Hospital, not a single relative has come to visit him, despite all the ‘announcements’!

*Now that relatives have refused to show up, my question is this – Who will this boy’s ‘Private Hospital bills’? Is the Good Samaritan who transferred the boy there or St. Nicholas? A crazy thought just crossed my mind…let me not just say it before I cause problems here!*