Now is this a good thing or a bad thing?… To love your man real hard. When I mean ‘hard’, I mean totally and completely with so much abandon. 

The harsh irony of taking the route of loving hard is that your love stands a major chance of not being reciprocated! Because of this ‘bad’ choice, you end up compromising everything, even your happiness, and ultimately your peace of mind. 

So what’s the way forward? Because, if you end up not showing too much love (aka ‘fronting’, aka ‘forming’), and the relationship doesn’t work out, you will definitely be blamed, not the guy! You will be blamed for making the guy look foolish loving you! 

The solution… Flow with the flow. If he shows love, show love. If he holds back, guard your heart with immediate effect! Some relationships thrive better when it’s a ‘Cat and Mouse’sort of thing. 

So, what do you guys think? Should we go ahead and love hard, hoping the guy will take a cue from that? Or should we hold back until the relationship has been thoroughly ‘investigated’? 



I don’t know why I decided to write this post but I’m guessing the Holy Spirit must be behind it. So, who am I not be used as a messenger of truth.

This article is specifically for people who are always ‘beating’ themselves black and blue, trying to please some people who don’t ‘send’ them…and that’s the gospel truth, THEY JUST DON’T SEND YOU! so quit trying to impress…it’s a completely futile journey.



Analyse it, if the person really liked or loved you, every little effort you contribute towards their happiness should count, instead, the gap seemingly increases or widens.

It’s so easy to know when the person just doesn’t send you… Can you allow me be your ‘babalawo’?! *Hehehe

1. Everything you do or say tends to stir up negative emotions in the person you are working so hard to please.
2. He or she almost always believes that there is an ulterior motive in the things you do or want to do.
3. You basically do all the work in maintaining the relationship.
4. His or her plans don’t ever include you… Trust me on this.
5. Most of the time, your ‘spirits’ are always in conflict …it’s something you can’t explain but feel. Your spirit just tells you that you are not in a good place with him or her.
6. You just happen to be the only one seeing the ‘problems’ in the relationship and you end up being the only one looking for solutions!

Anyway, my own is that you should stop this minute and focus on yourself, and your goals for the future. Your happiness is not dependent on him or her.


For how long do you want to keep saying this?!

A good relationship should be based on LOVE, TRUST AND MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING.

May you find what it is you are looking for.



But really, aren’t you tired?  Must you be in a relationship for the sake of being in one? Or so that tongues will not wag?… Forgetting that whether or not you are in a relationship, tongues must surely wag!

Look, 2016 is just a few hours away, and so you must not even think it, to carry any ‘baggage’ into this ‘frosh’ year!…except if you don’t mind having a ‘hunch’!

If you’ve been seeing a girl who hasn’t given you an answer to the question you asked since donkey years, and she keeps telling she’s confused and all that blah blah, please drop her like it’s hot.

If you have a guy who keeps popping up once in a while to play the role of a phantom boyfriend, just so that he can get ‘some’ but he’s never there for you emotionally, financially or otherwise,… Do I need to spell out what you ought to do?!

If you are a guy and you are a girl, and you guys keep doing what lovers do but you keep claiming he doesn’t mean much to you or she doesn’t mean anything to you, then what the hell are you both doing?!

I know we could go on and on and on talking about ‘nameless’ relationships, and I also know that there are some crazy folks out there who run away from any sort of commitment, but then again the question is… Is that what you truly desire, a no-commitment relationship?

Like I will say again, 2016 is just a few hours away, for how long do you want to live a life of misery and loneliness? Now is the time to pray your way into a more serious, focused and committed relationship. If by now, you can’t categorically define the relationship in which you are in… Take a walk, and don’t stop!



I’m totally disgusted and flabberwhelmed at the way some people reason, so much so, it makes me wonder, what’s the point?! What’s the point of sharing your sadness, even your happiness with these group of people?… Let alone anyone.

After reading Sugarbelly’s story, and how she recounted her rape ordeal at 17, I felt nothing but pride for her, for being able to summon courage to talk about. For crying out loud, she was 17!…fresh from Loyola College. Everyone knows how Loyola grooms people, no matter how rebellious that child is!

Is it a crime for an adolescent to have a crush or ‘idolize’ someone she thinks she’s in love with?! It doesn’t matter when she decides to talk about it, at least she’s talking about it! For crying out loud, she’s on a path to self-discovery and recovery. If this is the only way she can heal, so be it.

Nigerians are so fond of addressing a woman by the way she looks or dresses. So fast in passing judgement just because she wears a mini-skirt, parties and probably even has a boyfriend. So what, she lived life on the fast lane… She’s still a woman, a human being with rights! Does that give anyone the right to take advantage of such a woman that society has chosen to label?

Please, it’s high time, we start naming and shaming it! Rape is Rape, whether physical, emotional or psychological!

A big shame to all the women who are fast in calling another woman a ‘prostitute’…please define it! Is this the time for you as a woman to judge negatively or to reach out to her who needs your support?!

I don’t know who this Sugarbelly is, but I commend your courage. You are the voice of other young girls who are in a similar situation but don’t know how to get out.

If you are a mother and you are among the women calling Sugarbelly names, now is the time to look at your daughter and ensure that she doesn’t go through the same ordeal…because my dear, whether you like it or not, your daughter is a GIRL-CHILD!

My final advice to Sugarbelly, is that she should totally ignore people’s negativities and keep spreading words of counsel to girls in similar SEX SLAVERY, all in the name of love! Yes, O… A lot of girls are SEX SLAVES and don’t know it.

When a woman keeps engaging in sexual activities against her will, just because she is doing ‘it’ with her boyfriend, she is a SEX SLAVE!

#nameitandshameit #saynotoslavery