This is one of Life’s Lessons I have learnt during the course of my Journey of Life. 

It’s normal for we humans to plan; plan for our future, plan for kids, plan for our business, in fact, plan for all things. But have we ever taken a moment to think that God might have an entirely different plan for you. And when we humans fail to see this, we tend to struggle with life. We naturally think that God is either not listening or He has finally shut the door on us. That is not the case. 

When you notice that you are always frustrated, anxious, generally angry or almost always irritable, especially when you feel that your life is on a ‘stand-still’ or you are far from achieving your personal goals, then it’s time to be calm and spend that quality moment with God. This moment is the moment to ask Him what He’s plan is for you. 

I don’t mean to sound preachy but that’s just the reality of life for those who believe in God. We need to genuinely ask Him to let His will be done in your life. Quit fighting! Don’t be like Jonah in the Bible, who kept running away from God’s plan for him until he got swallows by a whale. He eventually had to obey God and his life returned to normalcy. 

I’ve never been one to make long term plans as such;I may have thought of it but I don’t dwell on it because I know God, He may just have an entirely different plan for me. So my strategy generally is to flow with the flow. 

The day I discovered true rest of mind and happiness, was the day I quit struggling with God’s plan for me. He knows best. He knew (and still knows) my needs, desires even before I was born. I trust Him enough to take the wheels. I don’t worry when my plans don’t go accordingly. No, I don’t. If my plans are in line with God’s plan for me, I notice I don’t struggle with finding that path to success. I notice that doors easily open without having to struggle with the handle. Favours from all directions begin to occur. Even ‘enemies’ are used as helpers in your favour. Isn’t He a marvellous God? 

So my loves, I’m telling you this moment to stop fighting God’s plan for you. Learn to listen to that inner voice of God. What is yours is yours, no one can take it away from you. Just relax and allow God to do His job. If you have request from God or you’ve made plans that don’t seem to be working, then it’s time to look towards God. It may be that it’s not yet time to have it or that God has a different plan for you. If you have asked Him to help you in prayer, then back off! 

Enough said ‘Biko’!  


Happy new month peeps. 
Like I’ve mentioned many times before on this blog, I simply love new months…new everything *lol! 

I know loads of peeps who worry about tomorrow… Naaa, no need. That’s basically doing God’s work, which is to provide no only today’s ‘bread’, but tomorrow’s and the next. 

Can you try and practice each day as it comes? Can you try and trust God with your ‘tomorrow’? Let Him worry about tomorrow’s uncertainties. I feel it’s only people who doubt God, (even though they claim to love Him more than anything)that worry the most… yeah, right! 

I know, it’s normal to have fears about the future especially based on our accomplishments. But have you thought for once that you may be the one retarding your ‘growth’, by allowing your fears eat deep into you… So much so that it paralyses every aspect of your life, spiritually, physically and mentally. 

Just simply take a breather. Relax, God has your back. I mean it, He truly has your back. He’s aware of your problems and He needs you to trust Him in dealing with these problems that don’t seem to go away! 

I’ve learnt (in harsh ways I dare to say) to trust God. Just being simple in your way of life is key. Life and living life isn’t as complicated as we see it. The minute you detect that your thoughts or your fears are affecting your sleep, blood pressure, sugar level or your life style, it’s time to BACK OFF! Let God take the wheel. 

Before I go on and on… Happy New Month again and again and again… 


6:45 am

Wow! Feels good to write again…after months of hiatus. 

Within these months, I’ve been chasing my dreams, as well as investing in my future…very necessary. (Nobody knows tomorrow) 

I’ve finally come to a conclusion that I work best in the wee hours of the morning and probably very late at night when the whole house is asleep. It’s also important that I know this because once the day breaks, time moves so fast…and before I can even comprehend what’s going on, the day is over… And you are left with this feeling of unaccomplishment. 

So, I’ve decided on a strategy to reach my goal faster; Resilience. Well, I’ve always had it… It’s genetic but I’m going to further improve on it. God has revealed my purpose to me and I intend to accomplish and live it, whether my ‘enemies’ like it or not. 

What I’ve done is to also identify what my problems are, probed deeper into those problems, and have decided on a lasting solution to them. 

So, having done my meditation… My day begins now!  *stick around



Good morning lovely people out there!

I woke up this morning extremely grateful To God for making me see another day, how awesome can that be?

It suddenly occurred to me that “Life is Beautiful”…it truly is. And must not be wasted on trivialities. We should seize every opportunity we get to be happy… No dulling! And in being happy, we should make others happy. And if making others happy means ‘freeing’ them from your clutches or your life, so be it! Just be happy! …and grateful!

Today, you need to ‘purge’ yourself of negativity. Today, affirm that you have zero tolerance to negativity, therefore you must not think unhappy thoughts, must not hang around negative people and you mustn’t do negative things, not hurting anyone deliberately inclusive… Can you try that today? Cos I will! 🙂


I’m infused with happiness today because I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do for God today and not the other way round… God has tried for me, so let me try for Him today.

So peeps remember, NO NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR DAY…

Rushing off to work… Love you guys



I don’t know why I decided to write this post but I’m guessing the Holy Spirit must be behind it. So, who am I not be used as a messenger of truth.

This article is specifically for people who are always ‘beating’ themselves black and blue, trying to please some people who don’t ‘send’ them…and that’s the gospel truth, THEY JUST DON’T SEND YOU! so quit trying to impress…it’s a completely futile journey.



Analyse it, if the person really liked or loved you, every little effort you contribute towards their happiness should count, instead, the gap seemingly increases or widens.

It’s so easy to know when the person just doesn’t send you… Can you allow me be your ‘babalawo’?! *Hehehe

1. Everything you do or say tends to stir up negative emotions in the person you are working so hard to please.
2. He or she almost always believes that there is an ulterior motive in the things you do or want to do.
3. You basically do all the work in maintaining the relationship.
4. His or her plans don’t ever include you… Trust me on this.
5. Most of the time, your ‘spirits’ are always in conflict …it’s something you can’t explain but feel. Your spirit just tells you that you are not in a good place with him or her.
6. You just happen to be the only one seeing the ‘problems’ in the relationship and you end up being the only one looking for solutions!

Anyway, my own is that you should stop this minute and focus on yourself, and your goals for the future. Your happiness is not dependent on him or her.


For how long do you want to keep saying this?!

A good relationship should be based on LOVE, TRUST AND MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING.

May you find what it is you are looking for.