Being products of an inter-tribal marriage, my kids are constantly in a confusional state as to what language they really should be speaking. To be quite honest, I feel so sorry for them. 

When my son got into secondary school, he blatantly refused to offer Igbo as a subject. Getting him to study Igbo would have fresh start from scratch in learning the language, without having to struggle like he did Yoruba. Even with all the 101 reasons I gave, he still insisted on studying Yoruba! I just shook my head for him… That’s how I saw an easy ‘A’ go down the drain.  

Fast forward to present day, it’s my Feyi’s turn to get into secondary school. While her text books were being given, the lady then asks, “Igbo or Yoruba? ”

“Yoruba” “Igbo”,we both reply simultaneously. Lol! It was a funny sight. Even the woman couldn’t help but giggle. “Isn’t your daughter Yoruba? ” the lady offering the books enquired looking puzzled. “But I’m Igbo”,I replied, further confusing the poor lady. 

I quickly turned to my daughter, and started telling her the same ‘story’ I told my obstinate son 2 years earlier, and guess what?… She listened, she freaking listened and I got a positive “Hmmm”. I obviously must have made sense, because she bought my story! Yippee! 

So there, my daughter is offering Igbo as a subject. Can you beat that? She uses the Igbo dictionary for almost every word though, until I said, “Babe, start with learning the alphabet. That way speaking and reading will be easier”.



Kids aren’t reading anymore! And this has got to change, but not without a little effort from parents.

I grew up in a home where reading novels was the order of the day. My parents would punish me and my siblings by stopping us from playing outside (which we preferred as kids) and asking us to read either our textbooks, storybooks or newspapers (uugh!) for hours on end. That way most of us developed the habit of reading… I don’t know about now, hustling has taken over, lol!

Well, I just noticed that as my kids grew older, other less important things began to take over their lives other than reading… Nah,nah,nah,having none of that. Frankly speaking, my son is the only one that seemed to have maintained the habit of reading, except his school books (only God will assist in that one!) He reads any kind of novel that ranges from thriller to adventure, but nothing inspiring. I personally feel that anything one has to read should have a positive influence in one’s life, one way or the other. And from my personal observation, I don’t see how all those books he has been reading have helped or is helping him!

So one day, about 2 weeks ago, I decided I was going to change his library. So, motivational and inspirational books came to my mind, as well as African literature from renowned African laureates like Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, etc. It sounds boring se?! Well, I figured that my kids were becoming a bit too westernised for my liking and fast losing knowledge of their African/Nigerian heritage .

Off to the Bookshop we went, not just any bookshop, a Bookshop that had books and where books were reviewed by various authors and I had my son look through various books. We even got a chance to discuss some old books like “Things Fall Apart”, “Arrow of God”, “The Beautiful Ones are Not Yet Born”. In the end, we left with 2 books, pacesetters inclusive! Who remembers pacesetters?!… Timeless.

I now make him read at least 3 chapters of the motivational book and at least 2 chapters of an African novel, which he reviews with me. There might be some ‘off’ days quite alright but that’s my resolve, hoping that all he reads will strike a different cord in his heart…so help me God.

So what am I saying in all ‘thix’? I’m just saying that we parents should make an extra effort in helping our kids read again and not just any book but something motivational and life changing. No matter how busy, we can take time out on a less busy day at least once a month!

May God continue to grant we parents wisdom in helping our kids through the right path. Amen.



I got the shock of my life this afternoon, while doing school runs.

The day started and was going to end like any other day, and just when I was getting into the garage, my son dropped a ‘bombshell’!
“Mummy, I had 32 over 40 in French “. Did I hear well or was my mind playing tricks on me?!
“Fola, you said?!” I turned the engine off and did a 360, in order to PAY SERIOUS ATTENTION !
Please, do not be amazed,I’m just used to my girls bragging about their scores that if I must confess, I hardly PAY attention…but this? This got my attention.
“Mummy, I’m serious. I got 32 over 40”
I did a triple take…I’m sure if there had been a cliff nearby,I probably would have…, who knows!

Don’t get me wrong. You see my son is a special alien creature, who can’t , I repeat can’t be bothered about studying. He’s scores are extremely wavy. He’s the same person that could come home one day with an ‘A’ in one subject and then come home another with a ‘D’ in that same subject. He makes me preach endlessly about the need to work hard and why it’s particularly important for him, being a guy and all. Sometimes I’m forced to wonder if he was switched at birth, lol! He can be that painfully lazy…jeez.

Sorry o! But I was damn curious about this sudden ‘high’ score.
“Fola, please what happened? Why the sudden wake up? Did the principal invite a pastor to the school! Is there a babe you are trying to impress? Talk to me son!” Because, quite frankly, I had submitted his laziness to God!
“Do you honestly want to know?”
“Of course I do! Speak joor! ”
“Mummy, seriously…my PS4 was at stake! I had to do whatever it took to save it. After that last threat you gave, about my PS4 not coming home with me if my scores didn’t improve! ”

…Hmmm, #monstermum At least the threat worked. So this guy will do anything for his gadgets…okay, game on!
But seriously, those gadgets needed to be grounded…

So, please mummies in the house, sing praises to God on our behalf.



This is not funny anymore, the way the government is handling the cases of violence against women and the girl child.

I’m talking particularly about the recent case of the 15 year old primary 5 pupil who was gang-raped by 5 men in Bariga, Lagos.

This bastardy act was masterminded by a useless tailor who has always made advances towards her, but she always turned down. What was the ‘crime’ she committed?

In her own words…

“I am in Primary five, but I am also an apprentice in a hairdressing shop. I was given a piece of cloth by my boss on January 6, and I needed a tailor to sew it for me. Mr. Femi said he would assist me and I gave him the cloth.

“But when I went to him to take my clothes, he told me that he wanted to date me. When the pestering did not stop, I let go of the clothes and stopped communicating with him.

“On Monday, January 11, around 8pm, our landlord’s son called me that Abidoye, a neighbour, was looking for me. It was not the first time that I would go to the man’s house to run errands for him or his wife, so I thought he wanted to send me on an errand.

“But on entering the room, I discovered it was dark and the man was not around. As I turned back to go, a group of five men, led by the tailor, grabbed me and blocked my mouth. They took turns to rape me. The whole thing lasted for about one hour.”

As usual, even when her father reported the case to the Police, the case was discharged almost immediately. The victim’s visit or attendance to the Mirabel Centre wasn’t and hasn’t been productive!… Well apart from the ‘flimsy’ medical tests done. I personally feel that Mirabel centre should provide much more than medical tests. The victim’s psychological state is of utmost importance while she awaits the so-called justice!

I still can’t understand why the government won’t take this rape matter seriously… Is it because they have never had a daughter or sister raped?

Well, my take on this is that, anyone in government who has the authority to bring culprits to book and who doesn’t, will henceforth suffer what the victims suffer and much more. For every case of rape not judged, who ever is in authority will ‘hear’ it. This is not a curse but a fact. #My God doesn’t sleep. He is a Just God.