So my older kids got fed up of the usual ‘ ₦1,500 per week’ pocket money and asked for a raise! And I’m like “Really?! You guys have to work for it o!”

My kids look at me like what in the world is she talking about, “It’s your job to take care of us”.

For as long as I can remember, my kids practically drive me bunkers trying to get them to do even the simplest of all chores! Now this was a golden opportunity to monetize each chore as long as they were properly done. *Hehehe

My son wants to drive my car but is not ready to wash the car like he owns it (who does that?!); my daughter wimps each time she has to tidy the kitchen (but she does it well anyways, it’s just the wimping that gets to me)…Amma relax ‘cos I see a lot of good coming out of these.

So I gather my brood and practically give them a lecture on the need to get rid of the ‘Entitlement Syndrome’ as well as the importance of being self-reliant. They eventually agreed to ₦200 per chore. But the chore has to be carried out properly. Failure to comply, the sum of ₦100 will be deducted. ‘Shakena!’

For some time now, motherhood has become more fulfilling and quite interesting, especially ever since I discovered the key to demystifying my kids!

So, my take on getting your kids to be more responsible is to first of all, understand your kids, understand what will definitely get their attention and what will most definitely not, know the different parenting styles (check here) and choose the one that will do the ‘trick’

So help us God. Amen



I heard the loud banter outside my room, but I chose to ignore. I knew the norm was to get up from my bed and ask what the matter was, but I still chose not. Let me just watch what the end result would be, I decided.
The noise grew louder… And louder. Then wails. It sounded like my last daughter. I should get up and ask, but no, I could hear my first son shouting, obviously at someone. His words where difficult to understand but I could make out that he was speaking rudely at someone. Ironically, I was pleased. He’s grown so much; he’s voice now deep; chest seemed broad, not to mention his ‘towering’ height. 

I knew he wouldn’t forget The Rules: No Beating Anyone or Fighting. You can shout as much as you want but thou shalt not raise thy hands. 

I’ve raised my kids well, especially they know to respect their elders, but never to be taken advantage of, bullied or disrespected. So deep inside of me, I sort of had the feeling of ‘Situation under Control’. 

I wasn’t surprised when I heard a loud knock on my door… I was long expecting, was surprised it hadn’t come sooner. Just as I had imagined it, my kids needed me to know what was going on. My little girl coming in with an exaggerated wail, holding her right knee. I couldn’t resist rolling my eyes in my head! My son, barging in with an obviously exaggerated scowl, hoping to get a 2 thumbs up for what he was about to tell me… and yes, I indulged him! Even before he began his statement, my thumbs were up… Sorry, I just couldn’t help it. 

I heard everything… Partly their fault, partly their Aunt’s fault. Well, what can I say, stuff happens. Maybe if Aunt had spoken gently, she wouldn’t need to have shoved my little girl violently, who fell in the process and hit her knee on the edge of the door. All in the bid to get her to have her bath. And her ‘Super-hero’ brother wouldn’t have shouted furiously at Aunt and told her a few hard words. *smacking my lips

I felt good knowing that my kids can stand up for themselves. I raise my kids to be respectful but not be afraid of anyone, so absolutely no apologies. Nada. 

For the rest of the morning, I couldn’t help but notice Aunt keep a reasonable distance from the kids. 

O, well… That’s life. 

Time to watch Zee world… Twist of Fate to be exact. 



I got this for me and me alone!

I’m not sure if I have ever given you guys a detailed gist of my daughter (my last by His Grace)… She’s supposed to be 8years as at her last birthday if I’m not mistaken, but sometimes she confuses me about how old she really is! 

First of all, she doesn’t say and has never said anything that doesn’t make sense. She cooks small meals, watches CNN, wants to know literally everything. 

One time she wrote a story on child sexual abuse / rape, her father was so bewildered, he had to bring my attention to it…I know I talk slot about sexual abuse, but does she really?! I mean, there are a thousand and one “once upon a time” stories, she could have chosen one to narrate. 

My lil girl started pretty early to read without my assistance…and the first book she had to read was ‘The Baby-sitter’s club’, which belonged to her older brother! She reads her older sibling’s literature books (and I can give a rat’s eye that those ones don’t even read it! )

Amongst other things, I catch her doing this…

I catch her solving the puzzles!

…I mean, this puzzle book is meant for me! But I’ve never really had time to go through. 
You got to give it to her though, she tried. Lol! I must say I’m impressed that she even attempted it. #proudmummy 

By the way, Merry Christmas …sorry, got a lot going on. 



I mean… Common, I don’t mean to throw shades but after reading the sob stories of how the chicken crossed the road and got hit by Dangote’s lorry, as narrated by the ex-Anambra beauty queen, I can’t help but pass my own constructive judgement… 

Greed. Pure Greed. Sheer Greed. 

If you are still wondering about what I’m talking about,read the story here  The gist is too long to be narrated here!… And very convoluted! 

I mean how can someone parents give lousy excuses for results of bad parenting. 

It is well. 

Please let’s discuss this issue because it’s part of the problem of today’s youth! 



I’m sure I’m not the only Mum who doesn’t allow her kids do homework on Sundays – Saturday is the ‘cutoff’ day to do all outstanding homework. 

I must not set my eyes on my kids doing their homework on Sunday, or else they will see my wrath! But trust my last daughter to test my limit. She thought I had retired for the night, only for me to catch her trying to do her homework. 

Immediately, I ordered her to bed. I was surprised she didn’t argue with me. All she said was that she wanted to get a glass of water. I believed her and settled down to watch a late movie. 

Minutes passed and I thought I should get a ‘slimming agent’…if you know what I mean. I strolled to the kitchen and who did I see buried deep in work?… Yours truly. She had no idea I was taking shots. 

Lol! Some mothers do have ’em.