Hi peeps, it has been a while… I know. I can explain and I will soonest. For now I need you guys to help this writer out. She wants to remain anonymous (which of course I always ensure, with or without asking). 

Her letter goes thus, 

Greetings NHW,

 I got married a year ago, now blessed with a beautiful baby girl (a month old). I never for once enjoyed my marriage, its been from one problem to the other. Now my husband as been diagnosed of lung cancer at the 4th stage. 

My husband’s family have been behaving funny towards me, trying to put blames on me that I brought bad luck (bad luck ke?) He had nothing when we met, now he’s got a good job, car & some other tangible things. 

Please Naijahousewife, I need your prayers, word of advice, ideas on what to do and even experience. I am in my very early 30’s, too young to be a widow. I believe some people have been able survive this, I believe my case won’t be difficult for God to handle. 

*Anticipating your response* thanks and God bless you
I’m so sorry about all you have to endure. All I can say is that you need God’s strength now more than ever. The more you lean on Him, the lighter your cross will be. One thing is sure, God never deserts us at our most vulnerable moments, especially when we call on Him. It’s natural for humans to err, so ignore your relatives who blame you for every misfortune and include them in your prayers. 



Social media can be fun… I follow this particular handle on instagram (I don’t usually do so) but out of curiosity and ‘hilarity’according to my friend Ada, I just follow sha! 
Anyways, I stumbled on this anonymous post to the handle and couldn’t help but bring it here (not sure if I’m allowed to do that) *I’ve purposely left the name of the handle, so anyone who’s interested could follow.

Here’s the post… 

So what’s your take on this… *laughing in Togolese 

I’m trying really hard to reserve my comments here  even though, I’ve done so. 



Please, am I the only one noticing that like joke, like joke, that the whole Nigeria has been in total blackout for the past 1 month… As in, NO ELECTRICITY! NO POWER SUPPLY!!

It suddenly dawned on me that we have been powering the generator 24/7! Reality just hit me now that diesel is finished…

I won’t lie… I’ve been secretly pondering why we ever gained independence?! I wish we were still being ruled by the British, maybe Canada or US!! We are our greatest enemy… Omashe o!

If you have any relative in government, pls bury your heads in shame or better still, denounce your relationship with them! They are complete failures! And if you have a relative in government who stole Nigerian money (as in confirmed), they will use that money to treat cancer or one ailment or another! *not cursing… Na fact!

Right now, I’m a bitter NIGERIAN… I know Nigeria has Cerebral palsy but I have seen individuals with this disorder graduating from higher institution na, bagging honours sef! When will you graduate Nigeria? From one carryover to another!

Just so you know… I’ve packed my bags o! Ready to change my name to Andrea and on my way to MMI…

OMG! I think my blog has been hacked!



Before I go ahead to publish this post, I would like to sincerely apologise to my readers and senders of mails, for posting their mails pretty late. I have an excuse…my hands are just so full! Just keep reading the blog, soon and very soon, *hehehe* I will be unveiling something fantabulous!

Now, the mail I got…

Dear Nhw,

I’ve been married for almost 1year but my husband hasn’t slept with me. He married me a virgin and I’m still a virgin. The very first night on our wedding day, he moved me to my own room.

Each time I go to his room at night, he rages and walks me out. I’ve never caught him with anyone, neither have I seen anything incriminating on him that suggests that he may be having an affair.

I haven’t been able to disclose this to any member of my family but I’ve mentioned it to a close friend and she thinks I should keep ‘mum’ and pray harder.

Please, I’m getting tired of pretending to be happy and besides, my family is wondering why I’m not yet pregnant. Please, what do I do?

*My dear, I don’t envy you at all! I can only imagine what you may be going through. It’s high time you confront him about the issue or you let your family in on what’s going on… You need to break that ‘culture of silence’ that is really affecting the society today.

Really, for how long do you intend to keep up with this charade? If he is gay, he should say and quit wasting your time. If he’s not interested in getting married, he should say and then free you.

My final word on this is that you are not doing yourself self any favour by keeping mute… SPEAK OUT!



Dear Naijahousewife,
My heart is shattered! My husband has managed to kill me!

I have been married to my husband for about 2 years now and we recently just had our second baby, 3 months ago to be precise.

My husband has always provided for the house and for that reason, I usually make excuses for his coming back late. He even travels out of the country a lot. The annoying thing is that he has never taken me out, talk less of our 1st child.  We are always locked up in the house as slaves.

He just got back from a trip overseas, and so I decided to help unpack his bag and see also if I could find some loose cash. I saw a black nylon that was tied and it looked like it contained some cash. You won’t believe what my eyes saw…Used condoms!

I called him and then threw the condoms at him and left the house. As I speak, I’m at a friend’s place and don’t know what to do. My husband has been trying to reach me on my cellphone, but I’m not picking up.

Please advice me, what do I do? I love my husband still but I can’t deal with this.

*Oh, dear! I can imagine how devastated you are! This is definitely a rude shock, especially when you trust that your husband that much to be faithful to you. Well, I have to let you know that running away won’t solve your problem. You need to find answers to all those questions and confusion going on in your head. And the only you can do that is by having a one-to-one conversation with him…absolutely no 3rd party please.

One thing is for sure…at least, he used a condom. It goes to show that he has assumed a level of responsibility and he cares that much to protect his loved one. I know it’s easy to say “He shouldn’t be having extramarital affairs”, but realistically, he’s mere mortal. Temptations happen and they are part of life, therefore, we need to safeguard ourselves with loads of prayer. You both need to open up to each other and find that missing bit in your marriage.

It is well.