About NHW

Hi my awesome blog readers!

Welcome to Naijahousewife’s Blog!

I am so excited to finally get a chance to be every woman’s ‘mouth piece’. I believe so much in the strength of a woman, not to mention married women who end up being homemakers-cum-career women-cum-chefs-cum-drivers-cum-lesson teachers-cum-doctors-cum-entertainers…did I forget to mention ‘sex slaves’! Lol!

I hate injustice to women in all forms; domestic violence, bullying, neglect, just to mention a few.Therefore, this blog is also for women who are in these situations, to basically encourage them, inspire and motivate them. For as long as God gives us breathe, we will continue to highlight all those problems.

This blog will also highlight common and unusual problems people face in marriage, as well as provide suggested solutions from other blog readers. The Singles are not left out too…sit back and learn from the ‘Elders’! *Hehehe*

Don’t read and keep to yourself, share the post, you never know whose life you may be touching.

Happy Reading!


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