Photo credit: NTA

Well, it turns out that the most publicised Plastic rice in Nigeria, isn’t even made of plastic but contaminated  with microorganisms above permissible limit. Making it therefore, unfit for human consumption. 

This is just as bad. Why do we hate each other so much? People who do this, that is import goods that destroy human lives, as far as I’m concerned are ‘Cannibals’…no difference between them and Clifford Orji! If given the chance, they would actually feed on human flesh. 

But can I totally blame these ‘Cannibals’? No, the government that is supposed to be protecting the masses have left them extremely vulnerable to situations such as this. A government that can’t provide the bare necessities of life! Why won’t countries such as China and India key into this vulnerability. They already know us for accepting ‘garbage’. 

Only God can and  will continue to save us! 

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