So, this morning, some article on caught my attention. 

Cho’zyn and his bride to be

Now this guy, Cho’zyn (what a name), shocked people, when he proposed to his girlfriend in public. 

Cho’zyn proposing

My question is: what’s wrong with that? Is it because she’s plus-sized? Or you think plus-sized babes don’t deserve the same amount of love that ‘skinny’ girls get? I don’t just get it! Because, in all honesty, they don’t even know this girl as much as Cho’zyn (I still don’t get this name) does. Thank God, Cho’zyn did the right thing by publicly declaring his love to his woman for the right reasons! 

And in his own words, as expressed on social media…

#SheSaidYes!! Words can’t fully express how much I love you! Thank you for your constant love, encouragement, support, motivation, and being my best friend. Thank you for your patience with me and making me feel like the greatest.

At first, when I saw the article and the picture following it, I thought to myself, this must be a Nigerian guy trying to get citizenship from this innocent girl! Then I read that he was based there(whatever that means).

Gist culled from

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