The truth is that on the long run, you will eventually rip the benefits. 

I say this because, my 11 year old daughter is a living proof. I thank God I took the initiative to start training her early enough, say age of 7. Some of you may ask, “isn’t that too early?” My answer, “No”.

I guess my kids showed they were ready enough when I observed they were always having blind arguments, and speaking all sorts of big big English…and I’m like,”if these kids had house chores to do, where will they find time to be arguing? ”

I started with my daughter, being a girl( I know I shouldn’t be doing gender discrimination, but let’s be real, this Nigeria). I put her in charge of tidying the kitchen for the next one week, after which she would alternate with her older brother ( I knew that one would frustrate me but anyhow sha). Check out the grumbling, or the fact that she would leave the kitchen in a worse state…but I refused to give up. After I have crosschecked her job, I could and would make her do it all over again, up to 6 times. In no time, she learnt to tidy the kitchen well. 

Another thing, most of us (mothers) do is that we tend to ignore training kids just because we have a maid that we pay to do all the housechores. Thank God, I didn’t get carried away with that…my daughter, my kids actually, still got their fair share of house work. 

Fast forward 4 years later, it suddenly becomes part of her to keep the kitchen tidy, sweeping and mopping inclusive. I’ve caught her on several occasions now, handling the kitchen without being told. I’ve even enquired from her, “Babe, is everything okay? Why this sudden change? ”  Her reply, “there’s nothing there. Or shouldn’t I clean again?”

There’s something there o! I’m just happy, someone is fast becoming independent. 

My advice to fellow mothers, don’t give up on training your kids to be self-reliant. They will grumble, they will even try to frustrate you…don’t just relent. Even if you have a house full of domestic staff, they are your kids, so get them involved in house chores. Don’t spend all your energy training other people’s kids, they will come and go. 

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