She’s the one on my back!

Whether you people like it or not, you will have to continually hear my lamentations and cry for help! 

Can anyone tell me if it’s a crime to have a last child?…I mean, someone has got to be last one way or the other! 

My last child is 8 years old, yeah but she still thinks she’s a year old; she sneaks into my matrimonial bed almost every night, and she does this after fooling us with “Mummy, Daddy, goodnight “; she prefers to watch TV in my room, despite having one of theirs and in the living room; she loves to have her breakfast, lunch and dinner in my room and on my bed! 

Wait a minute, do you guys really understand how bad this invasion is?!

I’m generally relaxing with hubby on the bed…everything going on nice and smooth until ‘yours truly’ decides that it’s in our middle she has to stay. And I’m like, “You know you are being a maggot, right?!” And she’s like, “I know and I’m loving every bit of being a maggot!” and she’s looking up at me with a huge grin on her face…this is just not right! 

Anytime, I’m on my own just chilling, she chooses that moment to ‘mutilate’ my body…she’s either pecking me all over, until I practically scream at her “Let me be!”. She stops for a few seconds and stares at me like “Are you done?” Just when I’m thinking she’s left me alone, she attempts to wriggle underneath me like a baby kangaroo! I threaten her with, “If you don’t stop this minute, I’m leaving this house for you…and for good!” 

Now she’s sitting on my back /: 

If anyone has a remedy to this invasion, Pls mail me…or any human ‘pesticide’

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