I don’t know how many of you have mums who literally raid them! I do and I’m totally helpless about it. 

Everyone comes to pay a visit and generally have a good time, but No, not my mum. My mum comes in the guise of visiting, with a long mental list of things to loot. After spending a few minutes, fooling me with pseudo-juicy gist, she gets up and wades to my room. And I’m like, “Mummy, where are u off to, sebi I’m still here gisting  with you?!” Of course, she ignores me. *exasperated 

Today, if it’s not my jewelry, it is either my headties, bags, wrappers (she knows I don’t do wrappers), or my priceless utensils! She will sha take something…packing like those party packs given at the end of a party. 

Well, yesterday being Boxing Day, pained me the most…give me a minute to cry. 

I mean, Boxing Day is supposed to be a happy day, right? Well, wrong…I wasn’t. While everyone was busy having fun and eating, my mum was ‘shopping’…. I just tire. I watched her walk away with 2 of my best, recently acquired bags; one for party and the other for work. 

I miss my Fendi chain bag ):

And my Marc Jacobs ‘Friday’ bag…

…. It is well sha. 

If I had attempted to take it away from her, like some of you are wondering… My mum would have pulled a fast emotional blackmail on me, right in front of onlookers. She’ll first of all start with the fact she’s a pensioner and a widow…then move to the gist of her being an orphan and no siblings to look after her. How she feels abandoned by her children. How she feels alone in this world. How she suffered for each and everyone of us(especially me…before, what will she say?! )….before you even ask her questions, she starts bawling…and then all eyes will be on you like the ‘wickedest’ child ever liveth! 

Such drama… I had foreseen all these. So I respectfully stayed calm and watch her do and out do me. 


2 thoughts on “MY MUM HAS COME AGAIN!

  1. Hey with all due respect to your mother, if it was your sister doing that would you let her go scott free because say her husband has passed? No way, mother or not, its’ wrong, disrespectful and in all contexts wrong.

    I’d honestly deal with it the moment she tries it.


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