I got this for me and me alone!

I’m not sure if I have ever given you guys a detailed gist of my daughter (my last by His Grace)… She’s supposed to be 8years as at her last birthday if I’m not mistaken, but sometimes she confuses me about how old she really is! 

First of all, she doesn’t say and has never said anything that doesn’t make sense. She cooks small meals, watches CNN, wants to know literally everything. 

One time she wrote a story on child sexual abuse / rape, her father was so bewildered, he had to bring my attention to it…I know I talk slot about sexual abuse, but does she really?! I mean, there are a thousand and one “once upon a time” stories, she could have chosen one to narrate. 

My lil girl started pretty early to read without my assistance…and the first book she had to read was ‘The Baby-sitter’s club’, which belonged to her older brother! She reads her older sibling’s literature books (and I can give a rat’s eye that those ones don’t even read it! )

Amongst other things, I catch her doing this…

I catch her solving the puzzles!

…I mean, this puzzle book is meant for me! But I’ve never really had time to go through. 
You got to give it to her though, she tried. Lol! I must say I’m impressed that she even attempted it. #proudmummy 

By the way, Merry Christmas …sorry, got a lot going on. 

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