Now is this a good thing or a bad thing?… To love your man real hard. When I mean ‘hard’, I mean totally and completely with so much abandon. 

The harsh irony of taking the route of loving hard is that your love stands a major chance of not being reciprocated! Because of this ‘bad’ choice, you end up compromising everything, even your happiness, and ultimately your peace of mind. 

So what’s the way forward? Because, if you end up not showing too much love (aka ‘fronting’, aka ‘forming’), and the relationship doesn’t work out, you will definitely be blamed, not the guy! You will be blamed for making the guy look foolish loving you! 

The solution… Flow with the flow. If he shows love, show love. If he holds back, guard your heart with immediate effect! Some relationships thrive better when it’s a ‘Cat and Mouse’sort of thing. 

So, what do you guys think? Should we go ahead and love hard, hoping the guy will take a cue from that? Or should we hold back until the relationship has been thoroughly ‘investigated’? 

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