Waking up this morning, feeling much better, much stronger, since being struck by a horrible flu, I couldn’t help running the lyrics of the song “New every morning is the love our wakening and uprising prove… ” through my head (I’m not writing the whole lyrics ‘biko’ before I get unnecessary bashing from you guys!).

I just realized I’ve been singing this song for years without actually taking time to understand the words that form this beautiful song. Wow! The first verse has just proven to me the immense love God has for us, the fact that we not only wake up but we can rise from the bed, after shutting our eyes for the night and not knowing if we would wake up the next. 

This month, I’m on a personal mission to adopt a consistent attitude of gratitude, no matter what challenges I meet. I’m going to hold on to my belief in a ‘New Morning’

Everything, by His Grace, will work in my favor this month (I hope you are repeating these words to yourself). 

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