Hi peeps, it has been a while… I know. I can explain and I will soonest. For now I need you guys to help this writer out. She wants to remain anonymous (which of course I always ensure, with or without asking). 

Her letter goes thus, 

Greetings NHW,

 I got married a year ago, now blessed with a beautiful baby girl (a month old). I never for once enjoyed my marriage, its been from one problem to the other. Now my husband as been diagnosed of lung cancer at the 4th stage. 

My husband’s family have been behaving funny towards me, trying to put blames on me that I brought bad luck (bad luck ke?) He had nothing when we met, now he’s got a good job, car & some other tangible things. 

Please Naijahousewife, I need your prayers, word of advice, ideas on what to do and even experience. I am in my very early 30’s, too young to be a widow. I believe some people have been able survive this, I believe my case won’t be difficult for God to handle. 

*Anticipating your response* thanks and God bless you
I’m so sorry about all you have to endure. All I can say is that you need God’s strength now more than ever. The more you lean on Him, the lighter your cross will be. One thing is sure, God never deserts us at our most vulnerable moments, especially when we call on Him. It’s natural for humans to err, so ignore your relatives who blame you for every misfortune and include them in your prayers. 

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