Being products of an inter-tribal marriage, my kids are constantly in a confusional state as to what language they really should be speaking. To be quite honest, I feel so sorry for them. 

When my son got into secondary school, he blatantly refused to offer Igbo as a subject. Getting him to study Igbo would have fresh start from scratch in learning the language, without having to struggle like he did Yoruba. Even with all the 101 reasons I gave, he still insisted on studying Yoruba! I just shook my head for him… That’s how I saw an easy ‘A’ go down the drain.  

Fast forward to present day, it’s my Feyi’s turn to get into secondary school. While her text books were being given, the lady then asks, “Igbo or Yoruba? ”

“Yoruba” “Igbo”,we both reply simultaneously. Lol! It was a funny sight. Even the woman couldn’t help but giggle. “Isn’t your daughter Yoruba? ” the lady offering the books enquired looking puzzled. “But I’m Igbo”,I replied, further confusing the poor lady. 

I quickly turned to my daughter, and started telling her the same ‘story’ I told my obstinate son 2 years earlier, and guess what?… She listened, she freaking listened and I got a positive “Hmmm”. I obviously must have made sense, because she bought my story! Yippee! 

So there, my daughter is offering Igbo as a subject. Can you beat that? She uses the Igbo dictionary for almost every word though, until I said, “Babe, start with learning the alphabet. That way speaking and reading will be easier”.

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