Lol! Not exactly sure where this feeling is coming from… 
Can’t be because of my timely ‘visitor’…right? It couldn’t possibly be because I never complete the tasks on my ‘to-do’ list…could it? But I never do really. Maybe it’s just the weather…not sure though. It has neither been sunny nor rainy (indifferent weather). 

I’ve tried hard to examine my spiritual life…maybe there’s a ‘Jesus hole’. Hmmm…could this be it? Naaa…don’t think so. Lately, I’ve been working hard at repairing and maintaining my relationship with God… I’m guessing we’re in a good place… Right, God? 

All I know is that I’m in a ratty place right now… I think it just might be because I’ve not spoken to my mum in a week… We had a fight. We usually do these days. We seem to agree to disagree and now neither of us want to be the first to make that I’m sorry call! Make up calls with my mum is not fun, trust me… She won’t let me hear the last of it! Not ready for none of that! 

Okay, it’s slowly coming back to me… I have this exam coming up, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for it, because I hate the subject so much. English. 

I kinda feel better now that I’ve done some soul-searching with you. 

That’s it… Back to the grind! 

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