Please, am I the only one noticing that like joke, like joke, that the whole Nigeria has been in total blackout for the past 1 month… As in, NO ELECTRICITY! NO POWER SUPPLY!!

It suddenly dawned on me that we have been powering the generator 24/7! Reality just hit me now that diesel is finished…

I won’t lie… I’ve been secretly pondering why we ever gained independence?! I wish we were still being ruled by the British, maybe Canada or US!! We are our greatest enemy… Omashe o!

If you have any relative in government, pls bury your heads in shame or better still, denounce your relationship with them! They are complete failures! And if you have a relative in government who stole Nigerian money (as in confirmed), they will use that money to treat cancer or one ailment or another! *not cursing… Na fact!

Right now, I’m a bitter NIGERIAN… I know Nigeria has Cerebral palsy but I have seen individuals with this disorder graduating from higher institution na, bagging honours sef! When will you graduate Nigeria? From one carryover to another!

Just so you know… I’ve packed my bags o! Ready to change my name to Andrea and on my way to MMI…

OMG! I think my blog has been hacked!

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