Wife: why don’t you like hanging out with me?
Husband: excuse me, but we go out! (puzzled look)
Wife: Okay, when was the last time we hung out?
Husband: o God, let’s no go there please. Have you asked me to take you anywhere and I refused? (still very puzzled)
Wife: Am I supposed to? You are supposed to do all asking and I choose to accept or not! Why do I have this feeling that you’re ashamed to be seen in public with me?!
Husband: Where is all these coming from now? Okay choose where you want to go and then fix a date.

End of discussion. Fast forward 2weeks later…

Husband: Let me quickly go see Mumsy and I’ll rush back.
Wife: Hmmm… So I’m guessing, until late then

Evening now…

Wife: Tell me honestly, do you really want to go out (waiting to see Husband’s reaction)
Husband: You are funny, I’m sure you are tired and looking for a way to cancel! (playing same reaction-game)
Wife: If your friends had asked you out you won’t give it a second thought and would meet them at any cost, now it’s my turn, you are ‘stuttering’!
Husband: No, with my friends it’s easier to hang out. I don’t have to do anything. Besides, you don’t go to bars.
Wife: So with me, you have to do something?! Like what?
Husband: Yes… Like I have to behave myself!
Wife: LMAO… You kidding me, right?!
Husband: Okay, let’s go Karaoke

The Aftermath…

Na wah o! The story of a wife’s life!Lol…Fellow wives, start speaking out…for your own good or else you will carry last. Full stop.


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